Friday, February 20


FOLKS ITS HERE! THE MOMENT OF TRUTH! The very first Oliver Peoples and Spectacle collaboration! In Actuality, it's the first collab frame Oliver Peoples has ever done with an optical shop. Pretty amazing I'd say, which is exactly how to describe the soon to be released frame. The frame is due out sometime in March exclusively in Spectacle stores in Toronto as well as Dutil Denim in Vancouver. Two spots,thats it, so get on it! I have had the chance to get a preview on the new frame and it defiantly lives up to the hype surrounding its launch! Anyway enough talk, check this work of art out.
Keep in mind the actual spectacle frame will be gold with spice brown gradient lenses along with our cozy little name on the inside. Now tell me that's not going to be the best release of the year?

-Daniel Philippe Bruno Poirier