Tuesday, April 28

Paul Smith x Oakley Frogskins!

You want classic? you want summer fun? you want comfortable? These new Frogskins are it! Long time sports wear company Oakley and the ever so wonderful gang over at Paul Smith have collaborated to reissue our favorite classic frame! Everyone at the shop has been loving these, the mirrored colored lenses are a definite hit. Tons of fun for the summer and man are they ever comfortable. come in and try these guys on, you have to. Oh by the way did i mention we are the only shop in Canada to have them?? yep.

take a looksee:

The mirrored model is limited to 500 pieces worldwide and will only be available in Paul Smith boutiques (aside from us obviously).
Get on these soon, stock is very limited !
Available at our Queen St location.

-Daniel Philippe Bruno Poirier

Tuesday, April 21


For those of you who have been very patient – the WAIT IS FINALLY OVER!! We have just received another shipment of the much hyped “Nom De Guerre X Oliver Peoples” Frames. They're back in stock and for those of you who don’t know, well your about to know!
Ok so I wanted to bring some attention to a really hot frame released late last year. The Oliver Peoples & Nom De Guerre collaboration. This frame is tight and the attention it got over the season is beyond positive. NDG is a fantastic mens clothing company based out of New York with a strong military inspiration bound to give you that classic look. Now with our L.A. based family over at Oliver Peoples behind the frame we all knew it was bound to be an amazing piece. I know I love it... especially that slick matte black.

et voila:



And then OP with NDG clothing.


there we have it.

-Daniel Philippe Bruno Poirier

Thursday, April 16

Mattew Williamson Shades at spectacle!

So for those of you who know Mathew Williamson you've probably seen how sweet his new collections have been. Now picture that touch in a collaboration with some new Lynda Farrow frames! If you've never been introduced to either of these designers work then your about to be enlighten, because these new frames are works of art.

here's what some of the new collab collection is looking like:

If you get a chance to come in the store do it up 'cause the colors in these frames are pretty amazing. Unfortunately I'm a little short on photos right now so you'll have to come see the other colors for yourself!

With all this talk of the collaboration frames I also wanted to give you a peak at the Linda Farrow vintage line. Also some really beautiful suns:
Its summer time: aka time for some new shades. All the frames above are available at our queen west location! see you soon!

-Daniel Philippe Bruno Poirier

Tuesday, April 7

Summer time fun.

I don't know about all of you but I'm pretty stoked for summer. Winter sucks but we cant change the weather so lets just look at some really hot frames! ha. Summer and cheese, nothing's better.
So for all of you keeping track of the cozy Mosley Tribes Collection you might of noticed 2 new models out earlier this year. One being the MT Gates and the second being the MT Lyndel. Two frames that each rock there own unique characteristics.

Looking at the Lyndel You'll see right away that its not your usual classic shape. Before noticing a keyhole bridge and some modern sharp angles you'll notice the gingham pattern on it. Take a closer look and you might notice its ACTUAL gingham pattern cloth pressed in the plastic!

If you take a glance at the Gates you might think its a simple throwback style sunglass, until you slap this number on and realize the whole front flips up(Dwayne Wayne style). Now you have the option to go with our without the coverage of your tinted lens. Pretty fun shit if you ask me.

Lets take a look.


Top : Lyndel
Bottom : Gates

Be sure to get a hold of us or stop by one of the 3 locations and check these frames out!
-Daniel Philippe Bruno Poirier