Wednesday, June 10


Hey gang, we got some hot new stuff in the shop! For those of you who love glasses like we do, you may have heard of the new limited re-release of the Cazal 951. These frames are really really cool, seriously. All the details and its unique shape really make this a great sunglass. Another cool fact about the frame is that you get to be a part of an online community with all the other owners of the limited 951's around the world. How it works is you get a card with a ID and password and you get to start your very own profile on the 951 website! Cool beans!
Some of us at the shop gave them a quick test drive:


Above is Riki-Kay our newest edition to the team rockin' them so very well!


And our second newest member to the team and newest Optician Michael tellin' you what IS UP !


Here we got the RobertLaRoche rep Kerstin rockin' the 951's along side the ever so popular DARREN in the Cazal 867's!

That would be our whole vintage cazal collection, that alone is worth a visit to the shop!

Just to keep the dice rollin' We are the first in Canada to have them as well as the biggest selection. So as you just read these frames are super limited so come in, hang out and get your face rockin' one of these beasts! Here is the website :

Its all availible at our Queen st location.

Untill our next adventure keep looking gooood canada... keep lookin' goood.


-Daniel Philippe Bruno Poirier