Wednesday, June 24

Celebs Spotting!

Hey guys! so I was just going through some celeb business and low and behold what do i see? Kanye and Lady Gaga in some of their favorite styles; all pieces available at spectacle on top of that!


Here's Lady Gaga in some attention grabbing vintage Versace' of many we HAVE in the shop!


And then we have Kanye in some Retro Super Futures.
Everyone knows we got the best selection for retro's in town over at the Queen St. West location!

Shit's hot! Just like the sun coming down outside! (finally, summer is here.)

Well just thought i'd keep you all in the know.

P.S. go outside and get a tan so ya look dope in those new glasses your going to get.

take care

-Daniel Philippe Bruno Poirier