Friday, July 31

Thoughts From The Road...Spectacle in Montreal

Not only do we have some of the coolest clients walking into our shops, like Dustin Hoffman and Atom Egoyan, but we run into some of the coolest (and toughest) people on the street. Jag's recent trip to Montreal turned up this gem of Jag with GSP (George St-Pierre).

For those that don't know, GSP is a French Canadian professional mixed martial artist. He's currently the Welterweight Champion of the UFC, and is ranked by Yahoo Sports as the No.1 Pound for pound fighter in the world.

Nice work boss. One piece of advice...get a new camera phone. That 2-bit camera doesn't do your Giga-rep justice.


Monday, July 27

+ Mosley Tribes + summer/fall 2009

Considering our summer has been a mix of sun, cool winds & rain, I thought we could seek some inspiration from the good folks at Mosley Tribes.

Touching on a season that no brand has dared to focus on, Mosley Tribes sunglasses collection delivers looks and colors from a town and country perspective, and not just from a LA point of view, that are suitable for a sunny, cool day on the patios of Toronto and yet still works for a weekend getaway at the cottage. The Dunn (pictured below) is a re-mixed classic which incorporates the traditional browbar on the double bridge.

Mosley Tribes sought inspiration from the Big Apple for their Summer/Fall 2009 collection of sunglasses. The collection is perfect for those seeking versatility to tackle the ever-changing weather.

The Bromley (pictured above) is a slightly oversized mixed-media sunglass hand-crafted of lightweight metal, encased in thin polished plastic on either side of the lenses. The Mosley Tribes logo is laminated in complimenting silver or gold at the temple tip, which matches the acetate color of the lens framework. Color options include rich, earth-based tones, such as Oak, Navy and Horn. 6-based lens curve includes CR-39 solid or gradient lenses, providing superior UV protection, perfect for those sunny days at the cottage or those incognito rides on the subway.

-J.F. RO

Saturday, July 25

LINDA FARROW collaborations

Here at Spectacle we like to explore the vast world of eyewear. If there is something new and exciting out there, chances are we have it. We were the first (in Canada) to carry amazing brands like Matthew Williamson, Linda Farrow and limited edition Cazal's. Recently we got a hold of Ms. Farrow's (lovely, yet bizarre) collaboration with some HOT designers; Veronique Branquinho, Bernhard Willhelm, Jeremy Scott and Todd Lynn to name a few. What better way to show off the new stuff then getting our Theo Rep (Bryn) and local Toronto Designers (Carla & Graham) to show them off?

Personally, I don't think there is any, but what I do think is that we will be seeing these plastered all over magazine spreads and famous faces. Lady Gaga anyone?

Till next time.
Jacqueline Marie Tulip Lane

Tuesday, July 21

Yoopie For Ksubi!

So after a brief absence the ever so wonderful KSUBI sunglasses have made their way back into the shop! For those of you who love a nice bold sunglass, Ksubi has definitely got you covered. With great design and a great colour pallet, these specs are bound to please any sunglass lover.


A little bit of ksubi Attitude.


Here is the Lacerta in a Spectacle take on ksubi's last photo campaign, HA!


Here is the original...haha.

Now I know the sun has been hiding for most of the summer, but without a doubt you will be excited to pop these on when it does! Did you know I got a sun burn on a mostly cloudy day? Yup, you still need sunglasses on a cloudy day as UV exposure is present regarding of the Sun's brightness.

Drop it like its hot.

-Daniel Philippe Bruno Poirier

Monday, July 20

Sunglass Trends & How to Pick a Great Pair of Shades

The good fellas from FRESHLY.EDUCATED.MEN stopped by the Queen west location for a quick lesson on what's hot in men's style & how to pick a sweet pair of shades. Our ever so knowledgeable staff were quick to help and even showed the guys how to care for their prized pair of specs.

If you're a follower of our blog, you'll notice the bloggers on the Spec crew all have two or more middle names; so in keeping with tradition I'll sign off with my full name.

-Jeffrey Rodrigues Antonio Eduardo Carnivale Fernandes R.O. Ola!!

Friday, July 17

Moscot is in Toronto!

To answer all the phone calls I get about Moscot, YES THEY ARE HERE! The NYC originals that started in a pushcart on the Lower East Side of Manhattan have found their way up north to Toronto's best Op Shop.

In a cheeky bit of irony, (something we relish here at Spectacle) we decided to show off this new batch of retro classics in our very own state of the art in house lab. Its old school vs new school. The frames pictured here are the limited edition Nebb's. Moscot only made 200 hand numbered pieces of each of these colors. Of course we are the only place in the city to get em, so come by and check out these and the whole collection. Lab tours are off limits though, sorry.

Behold, the limited edition Nebbs

The almighty edger in action with some Nebbs.

The ever so fancy lensometer.

You cant forget the tracer/blocker!

Spectacle, where magic happens (in and out of the lab).

-Darren Michael Joseph Pelcz

Tuesday, July 14

Marclay by Oliver Peoples

Oliver People introduces the first unisex frame in the ‘Suspended Metal’ category.

Hand-laid wire, in gold or silver, is encased in two layers of plastic and remains visible, resulting in a floating metal wire that appears suspended. The vintage-inspired lens shape is flattering on both men and women.

You’ll spot the Oliver Peoples plaque laminated at the temple end. 6-base lens curve includes the option of CR-39 solid or gradient lenses, providing a close, clean fit & superior UV protection.

Oliver Peoples Eyewear is hand-made in Japan. The Marclay is a limited edition sunglass and comes with an authentic Oliver Peoples eyeglass case, a Spectacle cleaning cloth and cleaning spray.

As usual...the Marclay is available at all three Spectacle locations.

Friday, July 10

Spectacle Building #53 in the Historic Distillery District

Named as the “Spirit House” on an 1880 plan of the site, Building 53 had distilling equipment on the upper floors. Originally built for alcohol rectification (or purification), the still houses were used for butyl alcohol rectification during the First World War.

By 1969, Building 53 had been converted into an excise office where alcohol taxes were assessed and the main entrance to the Pure Spirits Tank Houses located immediately behind. Barrels and drums of alcohol were rolled through this space, through a (now hidden) metal door, into Buildings 61 and 62, leaving the stone threshold worn down from years of use and abuse.

Building 53 is the only still house that retains its original height of three storeys. The Trinity Street fa├žade boasts large multi-paned, wood-framed windows stretching between the brick piers rising from a limestone base. The ground floor features a central, double glass-and-wood door, flanked by multi-paned sidelights, and surmounted by a 12-paned transom light with a portion that could be opened for it houses the best selection of eyewear east of Yonge St.

A special thank you to Sally Gibson, PhD, CAPH and for the history of building #53.

Wednesday, July 8

Thoughts From The Shop + You never know who’ll stop by Spectacle at the Distillery…

Recording artist Brooke Nickles was in the area for a promo shoot for her new album and took a break from her schedule to try on some new Oliver Peoples we got in. The Oliver Peoples + Kris Von Assche in ivory shell is my personal favourite, but she rocks the Guiselle equally well.

As you can see Brooke was mesmerized by my plethora of lens knowledge and my ability to wear two different patterns of plaid on the same day.

Also, a big thank you to Randell Rowe for sharing these candid shots of Brooke & our shop.

Thursday, July 2

Micheal Jackson : a look back at his eyewear style.

So as all of us know the king of pop has left us unexpectedly and we will miss him. But out of a negative, we over here at the shop, like to find a positive! A chance to take a look back at MJ's eyewear style and how it’s all still going strong and looking sweet! We all know Jacko loved his shades so let’s take a look at some of the styles the thriller rocked over the years!

Thanks to the beautiful ladies at Carte Blanche and our mystery model we had someone to display how good they still look.


We got the lovely Hannah rockn' the classic Micheal look in some vintage Alpinas.

Once again Hannah in some Micheal inspired Tom Fords!


Here's Tanya in some cozy looking yet very classic aviators... so MJ.


Last but never the least our mystery model holding up the complete and classic Micheal Jackson look in some nice Gucci aviators. A handsome fellow that one.

Although it is sad that he had to go early, he did leave behind a good legacy of some fun sun glass styles!

All these styles seen on our models are availible at Spectacle!

Keep praying for summer kids... the weather really sucks so far.

-Daniel Philippe Bruno Poirier