Tuesday, July 21

Yoopie For Ksubi!

So after a brief absence the ever so wonderful KSUBI sunglasses have made their way back into the shop! For those of you who love a nice bold sunglass, Ksubi has definitely got you covered. With great design and a great colour pallet, these specs are bound to please any sunglass lover.


A little bit of ksubi Attitude.


Here is the Lacerta in a Spectacle take on ksubi's last photo campaign, HA!


Here is the original...haha.

Now I know the sun has been hiding for most of the summer, but without a doubt you will be excited to pop these on when it does! Did you know I got a sun burn on a mostly cloudy day? Yup, you still need sunglasses on a cloudy day as UV exposure is present regarding of the Sun's brightness.

Drop it like its hot.

-Daniel Philippe Bruno Poirier