Friday, August 28

Mosley Tribes + Oliver Peoples

Mosley Tribes pulls the veil off their resort 2010 spring/summer collection as they introduce and highlight some new styles and their new poster boy.

At the forefront of the collection are: the modifed aviator, the Becker which features vintage elements and a Zyl sweat bar with matching temple tips; the unisex Patterson with 70s retro sport inspired French styling and finally the Chambers. The Chambers features a wrap style with black marble and tortoise acetate colors. The collection will our stores starting October, 2009.

Also check out the video for "Run This Town" featuring Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West. Kanye's still wearing his beloved Mosley FreeCity2, While Jay-Z is wearing the Daddy B by OLIVER PEOPLES.

From the video to your face, Mosely Tribes Free City2 Available in all the colors of the rainbow at Spectacle Distillery District location.

Customer Profile: Rebecca, Cori & Carissa

Does Spectacle's reach know no end? We think not.

These three lovley ladies came by the Queen St shop the other day,of course they had an amazing time, and of course they found an amazing pair of glasses: the Nueva 1 by Face A Face These glasses went all the back to Mumbai, that's in India dude! For real.

In fact they were so impressed they sent us a nice email and photos

Thanks for the great afternoon ladies, compliments to Spectacle for the mimosas and great specs for Becs...


Carissa H

Keep looking good and remember: Spectacle Loves You.

You dont have to go all the way around the world to have these stylish frames.
Just pop into you nearest Spectacle location.

Monday, August 24

Rick Ross tells Spectacle who's the boss!

It's official! The biggest boss in the biz Rick Ross is part of the Spectacle family!
That’s right, when you’re as big as us and Rick it only makes sense to work together.

Rick recentley got his hands on a pair of our Oliver Peoples x Spectacle Connolly collab and he flipped for em. Now there is nothing but love between us.

Watch for Ricks new music video featuring him wearing the Connolly’s and maybe even a shirt too.

Rick Ross da boss :

Everyday we're hustling these awesome Connollys, and like we said before they wont last long so hurry into the nearest Spectacle location and get your hands on one. Then push it to the limt!

-Spectacle, the boss of eyewear.

Sunday, August 23

Nas in Mosley Tribes Alliance

I wonder if he's thinking "the world is mine"?

If I ruled the world, Id own all four colors. Available at all 3 Spectacle locations...yo.

-Spectacle Loves You.

Retro Article About Our Fearless Leader.

We seem to be lagged posting this one, but check out this great article on Spectacle's top dog.

More then just a pretty face, to read what the man has to say click here.

Oliver Peoples x Spectacle Connolly going fast!

Our very own shop collabo with the fine team at Oliver Peoples is starting to disappear. Word on the street is they may be making a cameo in a major rap video soon! Stay tuned to the blog to find out when that will be dropping.

But for starters:

look how slick DJ Excel looks in this beast during his visit to his friends, and ours, over at the Formally Known As offices.

The beautiful frame was also honorably mentioned in a blog put together by our wonderful friend Cate Simpson

Hype means nothing.

Last month marked the passing of pop and music video icon, Michael Jackson. While we can anticipate a rumored 100 unreleased tracks to be released for all Michael Jackson’s fans, French urban label, Hype Means Nothing, had caught on quickly with this doleful happening to release a commemorative “Michael Jackson RIP” tee. This tee features the portrait of Michael Jackson doing the infamous Hype Means Nothing pose, forming a face mask with his fingers encircling his eyes. This tee is now available in black and white online at colette, but we don’t think it will stay available for long.

Here is the famous photo of the beloved MJ.

Here is how it looks in black t shirt form.

And this a pair of MJ shades from our very special Spectacle vault (Sorry kids, not for sale.)

May the thriller be with you.

-Spectacle Loves You.

Thursday, August 20

New Moscots are in!

The famous 94 year old eyewear company's second shipment has arrived!
For all you retro style eyewear lovers, this is a call to get your fine self down here!
I managed to snap a few shots of our Moscot rep. Darrin last time he was in the shop!

This is all the goods spread out for us to hand pick what's going to be good for our family of customers.

Hate to break it to you ladies, he's taken.

If you like to know your glasses aren’t going to be on EVERYONE you see, well this is the right step for you. Why you might ask? Because we are 1 of 2 shops in the country that carry them (and the 2nd is over on the west coast).

Check out this nebb model colour option

ces't chaud!

With roots almost a century old this company has got to be doing everything right.
So swing on by and see the new stuff.

Smile, you look good.

-Daniel Philippe Bruno Poirier

Wednesday, August 12

Customer Profile: The Jacob brothers.

Screw the Jonas brothers we got the Jacob Brothers!

The pair visited the store recently reminding us of the many reasons why they are on our favourite customers list. We figured "hey we love ya, we got a blog ... how about a photo!?"

C&G 0914 and OP Daddy B never looked so good.

For those of you who are wondering a bit about what’s behind these styling brothers, it's not just looks getting them places, they're also both very talented. With Miguel’s skilled photography and Marco's mastery in design these two have got creativity and talent pouring out of them. With all that talent backing them you'd think Ego would be all over the place... but ya know, they are both actually really nice.

Also, check out Marco on Toronto’s best dressed list. Pretty sweet.

Pay their websites a visit as well and see what they're all about first hand.

Marco Jacob =
Miguel Jacob=

Check out this goodness up close:

C&G 0914

OP Daddy B

So, that's that.

Love more Toronto.

-Daniel Philipe Bruno Poirier

Tuesday, August 11

Cutler And Gross: recession proof eyewear

So it looks like we all could use a little help these days with the way things have been this past year, especially the gang down on bay. How about keeping a close eye on those stocks with the Cutler And Gross 0692 stock index on the Temples!? For all of you who need to keep a close eye on your investments C & G has got you covered.

Check out the sick new color option:

Cutler and Gross have been running the show for 40 years and it definitely shows. Known for their amazing retro styling they continue to keep the class in classic. Staying true to the solid, original way glasses were always made they never fail to impress even the casual shopper.
For those of you who know the brand, you need to come in and get updated on some of this season’s pieces! For those of you who don’t know... well you better get down here and discover glasses that will change your life.

Just sayin'.

-Daniel Philippe Bruno Poirier

Wednesday, August 5

Thoughts From The Shop... Humpday Hilarity

Ok so we all know how Wednesday is, so why not lighten it up a bit?
Here is some in-shop randomness that we all embrace here at Spectacle.

This is our new friend Simon Ho who was in the shop today with some pretty rad ink to display.
Since we all love glasses and tattoos we all thought it was a perfect way to sum up our two loves!

So, this would be me. Not me sitting down on the job, its me trying to sit down for lunch and having the chair completely collapse from underneath me! Ha!
Kind of funny... aside from being a little sore.

Guess who in the shop belongs to these two? he's tall and has curly hair. one guess that's all you get. haha.
Let’s not get to distracted from the smokin' beach bods and forget the fact they are both rockin' some serious custom IC Berlin and Oliver Peoples frames. Woo!

Well for those of you having a rough humpday, I hope this helped cheer you up a bit!


Daniel Philippe Bruno Poirier