Wednesday, August 12

Customer Profile: The Jacob brothers.

Screw the Jonas brothers we got the Jacob Brothers!

The pair visited the store recently reminding us of the many reasons why they are on our favourite customers list. We figured "hey we love ya, we got a blog ... how about a photo!?"

C&G 0914 and OP Daddy B never looked so good.

For those of you who are wondering a bit about what’s behind these styling brothers, it's not just looks getting them places, they're also both very talented. With Miguel’s skilled photography and Marco's mastery in design these two have got creativity and talent pouring out of them. With all that talent backing them you'd think Ego would be all over the place... but ya know, they are both actually really nice.

Also, check out Marco on Toronto’s best dressed list. Pretty sweet.

Pay their websites a visit as well and see what they're all about first hand.

Marco Jacob =
Miguel Jacob=

Check out this goodness up close:

C&G 0914

OP Daddy B

So, that's that.

Love more Toronto.

-Daniel Philipe Bruno Poirier