Sunday, August 23

Hype means nothing.

Last month marked the passing of pop and music video icon, Michael Jackson. While we can anticipate a rumored 100 unreleased tracks to be released for all Michael Jackson’s fans, French urban label, Hype Means Nothing, had caught on quickly with this doleful happening to release a commemorative “Michael Jackson RIP” tee. This tee features the portrait of Michael Jackson doing the infamous Hype Means Nothing pose, forming a face mask with his fingers encircling his eyes. This tee is now available in black and white online at colette, but we don’t think it will stay available for long.

Here is the famous photo of the beloved MJ.

Here is how it looks in black t shirt form.

And this a pair of MJ shades from our very special Spectacle vault (Sorry kids, not for sale.)

May the thriller be with you.

-Spectacle Loves You.