Thursday, August 20

New Moscots are in!

The famous 94 year old eyewear company's second shipment has arrived!
For all you retro style eyewear lovers, this is a call to get your fine self down here!
I managed to snap a few shots of our Moscot rep. Darrin last time he was in the shop!

This is all the goods spread out for us to hand pick what's going to be good for our family of customers.

Hate to break it to you ladies, he's taken.

If you like to know your glasses aren’t going to be on EVERYONE you see, well this is the right step for you. Why you might ask? Because we are 1 of 2 shops in the country that carry them (and the 2nd is over on the west coast).

Check out this nebb model colour option

ces't chaud!

With roots almost a century old this company has got to be doing everything right.
So swing on by and see the new stuff.

Smile, you look good.

-Daniel Philippe Bruno Poirier