Wednesday, August 5

Thoughts From The Shop... Humpday Hilarity

Ok so we all know how Wednesday is, so why not lighten it up a bit?
Here is some in-shop randomness that we all embrace here at Spectacle.

This is our new friend Simon Ho who was in the shop today with some pretty rad ink to display.
Since we all love glasses and tattoos we all thought it was a perfect way to sum up our two loves!

So, this would be me. Not me sitting down on the job, its me trying to sit down for lunch and having the chair completely collapse from underneath me! Ha!
Kind of funny... aside from being a little sore.

Guess who in the shop belongs to these two? he's tall and has curly hair. one guess that's all you get. haha.
Let’s not get to distracted from the smokin' beach bods and forget the fact they are both rockin' some serious custom IC Berlin and Oliver Peoples frames. Woo!

Well for those of you having a rough humpday, I hope this helped cheer you up a bit!


Daniel Philippe Bruno Poirier