Sunday, September 27


Always looking to expand our reputation as the cutting edge shop in our industry Spectacle is proud to announce the launch of another amazing exclusive addition to our family, Derome Brenner, which serves as both a line of eyewear and jewlery

A little background on the names behind the frames

Xavier Derome, designer and eyeglass manufacturer develops and perfects his expertise with acetate.

Aurelia Brenner, designer creates worlds by manipulating colors, materials and volumes.

Their collaboration has resulted in arguably the most sensual collection of eyeglasses in cellulose acetate but also a line of jewelry and silver acetate both are available at Spectacle's Queen St store or by viewing at our other two locations.

Check out the goods for yourself

Wednesday, September 23

Spectacle Art Crawl Party

Wow what a night. Thanks to those who came out, the artists that particiapted and Moscot for being our event sponser and The Prauge for the food.

Check out the pix.

Moscot?, yeah we got that.

Old School vs New School

The food table...very early in the night

The line up outside, if you aint on the list you aint getting in

Featured artist Paul Otvos with Spectacle employee Darren's sister and friend. All looking good in Moscot Originals

Friend of the shop Scott H checking out featured artist and Spectacle employee Riki Kay's work

Lady Gaga???? or 1993 Madonna????

Spectacle employee Daniel Porier and featured artist Carla Porier no relation (he hopes)

Three good looking people who all share one birthday

Half empty or half full????

Their future is so bight they need those shades.

No not the last sandwich.....Time to go home.

Back to School Cool, YSL Style

Well kids September is up and rolling and even those slacker students are back to class.

Your ever stylish stylists at Spectacle found this great Yves St Laurent tribute shirt on line and figured if you can't be outfitted in YSL's runway collection when you’re strolling the halls of your institute of learning this would be the next best thing.

YSL's own iconic frames in T-Shirt form.

And on the man himself

Sunday, September 20

Sunday Funday

We recieved this to this morning.

Thought we'd post it in on the blog.
Thanks whoever you are...

...Spectacle Loves You

Thursday, September 17

This Just In: Carrera's are now back in stock!

After ruling the ’80s with their racing shades as worn by Crockett and Tubbs, Carrera re-launched their trademark collection with updated styles, hot hues and cool neutral tones. These were hugely popular over the summer and we’ve just received a fresh shipment of styles perfect for the warm fall season – we especially love the classic Rush style in black and chrome.
The brand counts a number of celebrities as fans, including Gwen Stefani, the Black Eyed Peas and Brad Pitt.

The collection has a stylish vintage feel and can be found at both the Distillery District and Queen St locations. Also, as a thank you to our clients and friends, we've reduced the prices on these classic re-mixes of style and colour.

And remember Spectacle Loves You.

All for the love of charity

Spectacle has a huge heart. It's the concept behind our company motto "Spectacle Loves You". Collectivley the people that work here are some of the nicest you'll find in any setting.

So when the oppourtunity arises for us to help out with a great cause or event and have some fun doing it we all jump at the chance. This time the event is the MTV Booby Ball and it takes place Oct 2nd

Now this isn't what you think it might be, in fact MTV VJ Aliya-Jasmine describes it best.....
I wrote & co-Directed the "Save The Boobs" video to kick off breast cancer awareness month in support of ReThink. After finding out my cousin is getting both breasts removed due to cancer I also agreed to lend my face to the cause. If you haven't seen the video there is a link below - and for all of you in the TV industry.I've also attached the "behind-the-scenes" link below (it's awesome!). This was over an $80,000 production and it was completely donated FOR FREE by professionals in the media (special thanks to Panic & Bob, and Judy INC).

If you haven't seen the links please check 'em out below and pass on to everyone you know!

Hope to see you on October 2nd,
xo AJ

Always in the giving mood Spectacle helped out by providing some shades for the shoot through our stylist friend Kristen over at Judy Inc. Check out the video and see if you can spot our stuff...seriously, eyes up folks.

Sunday, September 13

The Future Is In The Past

Remember the 80's ?

Fades in your hair, neo conservative governments, tapered Hugo Boss suits, Bo Jackson, condo parties, Michael Keaton as Batman, blowing of that annoying meeting at the office to drive to "the shore" in your new Boxster for the weekend

Ok so maybe the 80's were different for each of us, but now you can relive those neon gold moments or become the party animal you never were with these authentic Porsche Design 5693's exclusively from the Spectacle Vintage vault.

These sexy things were last seen watching the sun rise again circa 1988 and now they are back. Kanye's lady friend was even rocking ‘em at NYC's fashion week

How can someone who wears so little wear so much?

The amazing feature of these is they go from flat to fabulous in one stylish second thanks to those "ahead of their time" designers at Porsche

Available at our Queen St location and as a bonus to our blog buddies, come in and say you saw this post and we will give you $50 off the price.

Why? Because Spectacle Loves You.

Thursday, September 10

New Arrivals

Spectacle has just received a fresh shipment of the latest styles from the wonderful people at Face à Face. The collection designed along the themes of architecture, contemporary design and international fashion.

Like subtle little pieces of architecture, Face à Face frames surpass their function and enter into the sculptural dimension of the object. Even further: into the times of presences, encounters, exchanges…...gazing into each other’s eyes.

The Face à Face collection can be found at all three of our Spectacle locations. Enjoy!!

Spectacle + Queen West Art Crawl

Spectacle is getting its creative juices flowing this year as part of the Queen West Art Crawl. Don't miss a moment of the fun! Hit the shop and help Spectacle celebrate its in-house artists and art lovers on the hippest street in Canada.

Wednesday, September 2

Idol in an Icon

Our friends from The Company Formerly Known As caught up with Canadian Idol winner Eva Avila to help her add a lil' style the Spectacle way...

The iconic Oliver Peoples x Spectacle collaboration Connolly would have been my first choice too.

And remember Eva...Spectacle Loves You!