Tuesday, October 13

Cutler and Gross Spring Summer 2010 Is Here!


Spring/Summer 2010 Sees Cutler and Gross progressing deeper into the cinematic medium, their creative team is casting a retrospective eye upon itself, homing onto the classics. This time the insperation is drawn from Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastoianni in "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" in which Loren played the nubile nymph falling for an older man, the suave and dashing Marcello at his most de bonnaire.

Sophia Loren causing all kinds of insperation

This is a collection inspired by big screen transformations of pretty girls into beautiful women: cute boys into men.

The craftsmenship and beautiful materials, almost too meticulous for today's disposable culture can't help muster up a wiff of a desierable nostalgia. This is eyewear worthy of a whirlwind romance played out in a speeding sports car. These are glasses that demand linen, silk and the Neapolitan sun.