Friday, November 27

Customer Profile: Michael Ong

Micheal came by the store and picked up some Moscot's with Esther's help, then took them on a trip to Beijing.

He loved them so much that he wrote Esther a nice thank you letter and sent us this photo of him in Beijing wearing the frames

These kind of things make our day.......

Thursday, November 26

New Barton Perreira @ Spectacle

Just opened up a hot shipment of Barton Perreira's

Here is their butt kicking TV commerical featuring the dude from Tool.

Here are some of the frames we've got, all perfect for that "apocalyptic swagger" look.

Fair Lady



Breed Love

Another sneak peak at Lancier

Dita has promised us these will be in soon and we'll be the only shop in Toronto to get em, I swear.

Until then here is some pics to whet your appetite.........

Sunday, November 22

Shop Birthday Train Keeps Rolling

It's Darren's birthday today

Bring him sweets..... Dufflet is down the street

29 never looked so good

Friday, November 20

Crazy for Cats Eye

Looks like the rest of the world is fianlly coming around to Spectacle style

We here at the worlds greatest eyewear store have been preaching the beauty of cats eyed frames for years and years, and now other people are hopping on the bandwagon

Check out this article

Seems the celebrity types are all over this too. Take a look at these cat eye frames on the spring 2010 runway at Giles, Mary Kate Olsen in Dior's Diorette sunglasses and the runway at Giles once more.

photos via & Olsens Anonymous

We don't wanna pat ourselves on the back too much, but we've been stocking those Diorettes for months now.

Also we've got these good looking frames in stock currently

Linda Farrow Luxe

Oliver Peoples Skyla

Tom Ford Narcissa

Your welcome world, Spectacle Loves You

Cheek Magazine + Spectacle

The cheeky all stars at Cheek Magazine swung by Spectacle Queen St to stlye superstar model Andrew Stetson for a recent issue

If you haven't checked out Cheek before you should, it is one of the best online magazines out there. Great articles, awsome styling and the art dierection couldn't be better

To view the hot dude in hot frames click here

Wednesday, November 18

Mad (Wo)Men love Spectacle

The worlds best looking red head, Ms Christina Hendricks stopped by the worlds best optical store to do some shopping this week.

Ms Hendricks and Daniel, the worlds best looking stylist

She picked up a pair of Lindbergs for a friend and some super sexy secretary Cutler and Gross' for herself, art imitating life or life imitating art???

Keep looking good red, Spectacle Loves You

Monday, November 16

Famous @ Spectacle

Mr Famous himself stopped by Spectacle Queen St to get some gear for his newest video.

He made fast friends with Ms Audrey Electro, Spectacle's own in-house menswear designer. She helped him find the goods to keep looking so fresh and so clean.

Gotta make sure all this stuff matches

If y'all haven’t seen his feature film Goddess Girl yet go check it out.

Happy Belated Riki Kay

Missed this one last week, but it was stylist supreme Riki Kay's bday.

That cake stands no chance

Happy Birthday girl

Spectacle Loves You

Flare Magazine Loves Lady Gaga

Flare magazine and their savvy stylists hit up our shop recently for an article they were putting together on Lady Gaga

Run to your nearest news stand and pick it up or read it on line right here

This is the pair of shades they featured

Giles by Linda Farrow Projects

Just a reminder all of our Linda Farrow related items are still on sale at Spectacle Queen St, because Spectacle Loves You!!

Tuesday, November 10

CityLine Visit Our Distillery Location

One of the most popular shows in Canada visited one of the most popular eyewear shops in Toronto on Saturday.

CityTV's CityLine stopped by our Distillery location this Saturday to chat about eyewear, our shop and the unique history of the Distillery District.

CityLine has been on the air for 24 years and was the original TV show that put the spotlight on design, food, health, fashion, beauty and other items of interest to domestic goddesses everywhere. The Spectacle segment will air December 4th on CityTV, check for specific times in your area.

Thanks for stopping by and remember...Spectacle Loves You!

Monday, November 9

From NYC to TO with love... more Moscots are in

At Spectacle love launching new lines. Being in the forfront of our industry is something we really pride ourselves on, so when we bring something new in and people get behind it like we do its an awesome phenomenon

Enter Moscot we've already talked about the history of the brand right here on the blog (They started in a push cart in 1915)

The response to these frames the first time we got an order was overwhelming. Darren our inventory controller gets tons of calls each week from people wanting to know when we will be getting more....

Well the wait is over today beacuse we just got a new shippment

Check out some of the styles



Hurry down to Spectacle Queen St, still the only place in the city where you can get your hands on some before they are gone again.

Thursday, November 5

Pharrell Loves Spectacle

A collabo made in heaven

This Halloween was filled with many treats for the Spectacle family.

Follow along as Jag and Darren embark on a series of adventures....

The day started out as any normal Saturday would lots of customers and fun in the shop then we got a call from our man Corey

Corey let us know that Pharrell who was in town with Jay Z that day and need some custom tint work done on a vintage pair of Dior's, Corey naturally sent them our way, Thanks for that buddy!

We exchanged a couple of phone calls with Pharrell's number one guy Mick and set a time to meet up with them at their hotel, We wont tell you which one but it was swank.

Passing time at the Hotel

Mick met us in the bar and said everything was running late and asked if it was ok for us to just meet up with Pharrell backstage after the show, in the dressing room.
It took us about 0.000001 seconds to say yes and our night was set.

Into the Range and off to the ACC Jag and Darren sped, after clearing it with their girlfriends of course. It was Halloween; we didn't want to leave those lovely ladies out in the lurch.

Once we got to the show we checked out the N.E.R.D. set, and man was the joint jumping, good vibes all around.

Sure beats office work

When N.E.R.D finished it was time to take advantage of those V.I.P wrist bands and head back stage.

Well back there Darren and Mick hung out while Jag and Pharell went off into another room to discuss top secret business.

Two number one's

Darren also ran into Spectacle client and international T-Dot ambassador Kardinal Offishall. Kardi is one of the nicest guys around and stopped to watch the show with the boys for a while,

Big ups to T-dot

The show was awesome, Jay killed it and getting to check the whole thing out from beside the stage was pretty freaking cool. It was just Jag, Darren, Kardi, Pharrell, Drake (he recognized Jag from back in the day, but his bodyguard wasn’t letting anyone get close) and Memphis Bleek. You know all the big players in hip hop.

This man does not have 99 problems

Jag and Darren left the concert totally hyped up and wanted to get to work on the Pharell job right away.

A couple more phone calls and some image approvals later and the whole thing was complete........

Spectacle, where every client gets treated like a rap superstar, cuz some are.

Fashion Week Toronto

Many of our stylish blog readers were particiapting in Fashion Week one way or another.

Well, as per usual, we were there too. Now that all the dust has settled its time to tell the tale so to speak.

These were the Sunglasses we supplied arriving backstage

And here is a photo Jag took while hanging out back stage at one of the shows.

This lovley lady is showing off some Cutler & Gross' in true Spectacle style

If you saw someone wearing something you liked during Fashion Week, just come on by the Queen St shop and let us know, we've just finished cataloging all of them.

Spectacle Loves You

Sunday, November 1

Spectacle Loves Halloween

Nobody does it better then our big boss man

Why So Serious????

The "RA" Wrangler