Friday, November 20

Crazy for Cats Eye

Looks like the rest of the world is fianlly coming around to Spectacle style

We here at the worlds greatest eyewear store have been preaching the beauty of cats eyed frames for years and years, and now other people are hopping on the bandwagon

Check out this article

Seems the celebrity types are all over this too. Take a look at these cat eye frames on the spring 2010 runway at Giles, Mary Kate Olsen in Dior's Diorette sunglasses and the runway at Giles once more.

photos via & Olsens Anonymous

We don't wanna pat ourselves on the back too much, but we've been stocking those Diorettes for months now.

Also we've got these good looking frames in stock currently

Linda Farrow Luxe

Oliver Peoples Skyla

Tom Ford Narcissa

Your welcome world, Spectacle Loves You