Thursday, December 31

Fairlawn Optical? Never heard of them.

Holidays. A time for family and friends both new and old.

FYI……Spectacle on Queen St. has an older, "sophisticated hipster" brother.

Spectacle @ 3342 Yonge St., Toronto, ON

Pleased to meet you all.

Spectacle (formerly Fairlawn Optical) has been a destination for optical needs since 1972. That’s right kids. And, like the loud relatives at the holiday gatherings, you will be hearing from us and seeing what we have to offer here on this channel. Make some room at the blog table Queen St. The Yonge St. location has a story to tell.

Since 2000 Spectacle has been serving the Yonge / Lawrence area of Toronto and proudly carrying on the tradition of value, quality, great selection and service.

You can find several of the same brands at the Yonge Street store that are seen at the Queen and Distillery locations.

Shelves at Yonge St. are also garnished with a satisfying mix of modern styles along with simple designs and vintage inspirations. Need.stylish children's glasses? We have you covered.

But, when we say older brother…….check out the 1975 People Magazine that was discovered in the 3342 Yonge Street archives. You think Elton’s shoe collection is vast? Rumor has it that this “eye-conic” superstar has more shades than shoes!

What’s that feeling? Ah, envy.

Don’t fret it. Spectacle is the place to fortify your eyeglass wardrobe.

Fairlawn Optical? Never heard of it.

That’s because it’s been called Spectacle since 2000.

So drop in to take advantage of Spectacle’s company wide YEAR END SALE and tell ‘em “Elton sent me!”.

Wednesday, December 30

Mosley Tribe Resort collection 2010

Found this hot video on the web

The Spring Summer Mosley Tribes have already started showing up at the shops

Amongst our favs from the collection are.....

A modern aviator complete with brow bar, and classic temple tips, great for boys and girls

This one is super cool. The middle part is removable for the bad ass double bridge look, or leave it in and its a over-sized gangster shade.

Come on by and try some on, Spectacle Loves You

Monday, December 28

Customer Profile: Kim Mitchell

Some of you may know Kim from his time in Max Webster

Some of you may know him from his solo days,we know you know his big hit track Patio Lanterns (rumor has it the song was about a particular bar in London that Daniel and Darren used to frequent)

Some of you may know him as a radio host from Q One O Zeppelin

We here at the Queen St shop just know him as the nice guy with great taste in glasses (See photo above)

Keep on rocking Kim, Spectacle Loves You

Tom Ford Aviators

Tom Ford’s repertoire includes fragrances, luxurious menswear and sunglasses. Ford’s distinctively sexy design style seems to permeate everything he touches. His aviator sunglasses are no exception and never go out of style, so they will transcend seasons. However, each year there are some new twists on this classic frame. The Tom Ford Camillo model comes in combinations of ruthenium finishes, plastic temples with matching brow bar, as well as a Tom Ford logo inlaid on either temple end.

These styling queues can also be found on Ford’s Connor sunglass. The Connor offers a full metal brow bar and large rectangular lenses for those individuals looking for a more refined masculine style.

Originally worn by U.S. air force pilots, that's how the aviator got its name, later the aviator became a movie screen icon when worn by stars like James Dean and Tom Cruise, and today women are just as comfortable wearing this iconic status symbol.

Actress Taylor Momsen on the set of Gossip Girl.

Aviators are categorized by a characteristic double-bridge and their large, dark, drop-shaped lenses. The size and shape of the lens prevents as much UV rays and glare as possible from entering the eye, regardless of the angle.

Hugh Jackman, out-and-about in NYC

Aviator styles are perfect everyday eyewear as they can toughen up a womanly dress or offer a touch of street-cred with jeans and a winter jacket.

Spectacle at the Distillery District currently has the full assortment of both the Tom Ford Camillo & Connor models. Remember...Spectacle loves you!!

Thursday, December 24

Happy Holidays from the Spectacle Family

From us and ours to you and yours

Keep looking good world

Spectacle Loves You

Tuesday, December 22

Celebs love Ic! Berlin Maja

One of the most frequently asked question in our store is "Are these boys or girls?"
to which we often reply "Both"

Nowadays it seems the lines of what boys and girls wear are very blurred.

Sunglasses are a perfect example of this, sometimes what looks hot on a lady can be equally as cool on a dude

Take the Maja by Ic! Berlin, Woody Harrleson looks totally bad ass when he rocks them in Zombieland

and Madonna is uber chic as she sports them in her everyday endeavors.

So go ahead be fearless wear whatever you want, and remember Spectacle Loves You

Wednesday, December 16

Spectacle XXXmas Party

Yeah some of us had a little too much to drink

Everyone had alot of fun.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Wish you were here.................

Saturday, December 12

Spectacle On Kid Cudi's Tour Bus

Kid Cudi and Lady Gaga rolled through Toronto a week or so ago and guess who ended up having to go to the show to solve a glasses related emergency.

Yup the everyday super hero’s of Spectacle came to the rescue.

Seems Kid's manager Henley had these frames that needed a lens replacement and a some tweaking,

Duty called, Jag answered

Once the glasses were fixed up off we went to find Kid Cudi and Henley at the ACC in a sea of fancy looking tour buses.

Somewhere in there magic happens

We coordinated which bus to get on, then got ourselves out of the cold and into luxury

Damn those OPxSpectacle Connolly's are good looking

And in the end which glasses did Kid Cudi say were the only ones he messes with.....

Flat Top Black Supers, the same as Kanye.
All Black Everything

NY TIMES Article on Oliver Peoples

Its always interesting, when people try to intellectualize fashion trends.

Garrett Leight and his Dad are friends of Spectacle so we thought we'd give his shop some love and re-post this page from the New York Times.

Of course many of the frames and lines they talk about in the article are available at your firendly local Spectacle shop

Feeling for … ’80s Shades
Men's Fashion| By BRUCE PASK| November 11, 2009, 2:11 pm

Photo by Paul Sun

It seems that with every fashion season there is a new 1980s moment — it’s become as predictable as a catfight between the strong-shouldered demon ladies on “Dynasty.” Having said that, an interesting ’80s revival is happening on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, the nerve center for West L.A. style makers. Garrett Leight, a native of Venice, Calif., and the 25-year-old son of the Oliver Peoples eyewear founder Larry Leight, has started A. Kinney Court, a specialized eyewear gallery and boutique for men and women. The store’s centerpiece is a rare assortment of vintage Oliver Peoples frames, dating as far back as 1987. Classic clip-on sunglasses, as well as the famous O’Malley frame (based on retro shades from the 1950s), will be showcased along with a revolving selection of other rare finds rediscovered by Larry and Garrett after carefully sifting through boxes in multiple storage units. The frames come with original blue, green and brown vintage tint lenses to complete the period-perfect look; Garrett will soon complete his optician’s license exams to make sure his customers’ vision is as sharp as their look. The store, which opened this week and is situated around a vast courtyard hangout, carries other design-minded optical lines like Thierry Lasry and KBL Eyewear, as well as shoes and apparel for men and women from Becca Moon and LnA, a casual sportswear line. I’m feeling for it!

Friday, December 11


Quit holding your breath kids

The most anticipated release of the year Lancier by Dita is now at our Queen St store

Spectacle will be THE ONLY place in all of Toronto where you can pick up these exclusive models.

We've shown you the teaser photos before,now its time for the real things, but first the uber awesome case they come in.....


The frames.........




Here is the concept and vision of the collection from the minds behind Dita......

There is a timeless style shared by those who push the limits of speed and endurance, whether on the track, on the water or in the air. It’s a style that reveals an appreciation for the fundamental truth of high-performance design: lightweight with strength turns power into precision. For those who race, there has always been one constant requirement: the need to see with perfect clarity. To accurately gauge rapidly changing distances. To bring blurry grains of visual information into instant focus. To use the smallest detail as an exact point of reference.

Lancier by Dita Eyewear™ is born of that truth, engineered to fulfill that requirement. Lancier lenses are of the highest optical quality, offered with and without polarization. Lancier frames are meticulously handcrafted by our master craftsmen in Japan from lightweight materials including titanium, zyl acetate and co-injected rubber. In addition, the frames feature our patented Temple Release™ technology. The result is eyewear as strong, adaptable and driven to perform as the individuals who choose to wear it.

Run to Spectacle, be the first to own this, be the only one around the dinner table this holiday season lookin Lancier good.

Tuesday, December 8

Customer Profile: Klaus Nienkamper

International playboy and all around good guy Klaus Nienkamper has to be one of our favorite clients

When not driving lady cops mad or selecting amazingly hot furniture he pops by the Queen St store to regularly entertain the staff with his infectious personality and hilarious lifestyle stories

We fit him with a "Spectacle Exclusive" pair of Persol's and it seemed to make him even more popular (If that's even possible)

Check out these photos of him straight from the society pages of the Globe and Mail.

Spectacle Loves You Klaus

And here he is with the chief of police
May we suggest a big campaign contribution

Monday, December 7

Prada, Euro Style.

Just got in this sexy new Prada sunglass, we had to special order it from Europe.

Another exlusive from the fine folks here at Spectacle

Sexy dark lenses and sleek temples make this a design masterpiece.

We've only got one, so hurry to Queen St if you want to be the only one in town walking around like you just stepped off a runway in Milano

Saturday, December 5

Ralph's Collection now at Spectacle

Few people in the last decade have influenced the eyewear world like Ralph Anderl

The uber energetic founder of IC! Berlin has been designing and manufacturing laser cut surgical steel frames since 1997. Ralph explains the company with the following quote "IC Berlin is a platform for the realization of exciting ideas, simplicity, clarity and brilliant ingenuity".

He also keeps on of the best blogs in the business.

Always looking to push the envelope of self promotion (heck, he puts his personal cell # on all IC!B cases) Ralph came up with a signature collection of all the different designs he has worn over the years. Simply called Ralph's Collection these pieces all come with the original year they were made written on the side and the lens colors worn by the man himself.

Here's a look at the face behind the shades

Ralph's Collection is available exclusivley at Spectacle Queen St

In other exciting IC! Berlin related news, keep your eye's peeled to this blog for a collaboration effort with everyone’s favorite Optical/Sunglasses shop.

Spectacle Loves You

Thursday, December 3

Legendary Cazal's at Spectacle

Anybody who's anybody in eyewear knows about and has probably worn Cazal

The (West)German company has been creating exciting eyewear since the 80's

We profiled the arrival of their infamous 951 desing in an earlier blog

Now we have a couple of other heavy hitters back in stock

The 607, which is arguably the most famous of all Cazal's. It's the frame that most people associate with Run DMC and was most recently seen on Jay Z during Yankee games this past fall.

We also got in a lesser known but still smoking model from the Cazal vault the 163.
This sexy beast has been a secret of those in the know for a while but now the secret is out.

Take a look, these would be hot as a sunglass as well..........

Unitl next time Toronto, Spectacle Loves You.