Thursday, December 31

Fairlawn Optical? Never heard of them.

Holidays. A time for family and friends both new and old.

FYI……Spectacle on Queen St. has an older, "sophisticated hipster" brother.

Spectacle @ 3342 Yonge St., Toronto, ON

Pleased to meet you all.

Spectacle (formerly Fairlawn Optical) has been a destination for optical needs since 1972. That’s right kids. And, like the loud relatives at the holiday gatherings, you will be hearing from us and seeing what we have to offer here on this channel. Make some room at the blog table Queen St. The Yonge St. location has a story to tell.

Since 2000 Spectacle has been serving the Yonge / Lawrence area of Toronto and proudly carrying on the tradition of value, quality, great selection and service.

You can find several of the same brands at the Yonge Street store that are seen at the Queen and Distillery locations.

Shelves at Yonge St. are also garnished with a satisfying mix of modern styles along with simple designs and vintage inspirations. Need.stylish children's glasses? We have you covered.

But, when we say older brother…….check out the 1975 People Magazine that was discovered in the 3342 Yonge Street archives. You think Elton’s shoe collection is vast? Rumor has it that this “eye-conic” superstar has more shades than shoes!

What’s that feeling? Ah, envy.

Don’t fret it. Spectacle is the place to fortify your eyeglass wardrobe.

Fairlawn Optical? Never heard of it.

That’s because it’s been called Spectacle since 2000.

So drop in to take advantage of Spectacle’s company wide YEAR END SALE and tell ‘em “Elton sent me!”.