Friday, December 11


Quit holding your breath kids

The most anticipated release of the year Lancier by Dita is now at our Queen St store

Spectacle will be THE ONLY place in all of Toronto where you can pick up these exclusive models.

We've shown you the teaser photos before,now its time for the real things, but first the uber awesome case they come in.....


The frames.........




Here is the concept and vision of the collection from the minds behind Dita......

There is a timeless style shared by those who push the limits of speed and endurance, whether on the track, on the water or in the air. It’s a style that reveals an appreciation for the fundamental truth of high-performance design: lightweight with strength turns power into precision. For those who race, there has always been one constant requirement: the need to see with perfect clarity. To accurately gauge rapidly changing distances. To bring blurry grains of visual information into instant focus. To use the smallest detail as an exact point of reference.

Lancier by Dita Eyewear™ is born of that truth, engineered to fulfill that requirement. Lancier lenses are of the highest optical quality, offered with and without polarization. Lancier frames are meticulously handcrafted by our master craftsmen in Japan from lightweight materials including titanium, zyl acetate and co-injected rubber. In addition, the frames feature our patented Temple Release™ technology. The result is eyewear as strong, adaptable and driven to perform as the individuals who choose to wear it.

Run to Spectacle, be the first to own this, be the only one around the dinner table this holiday season lookin Lancier good.