Thursday, December 3

Legendary Cazal's at Spectacle

Anybody who's anybody in eyewear knows about and has probably worn Cazal

The (West)German company has been creating exciting eyewear since the 80's

We profiled the arrival of their infamous 951 desing in an earlier blog

Now we have a couple of other heavy hitters back in stock

The 607, which is arguably the most famous of all Cazal's. It's the frame that most people associate with Run DMC and was most recently seen on Jay Z during Yankee games this past fall.

We also got in a lesser known but still smoking model from the Cazal vault the 163.
This sexy beast has been a secret of those in the know for a while but now the secret is out.

Take a look, these would be hot as a sunglass as well..........

Unitl next time Toronto, Spectacle Loves You.