Saturday, December 5

Ralph's Collection now at Spectacle

Few people in the last decade have influenced the eyewear world like Ralph Anderl

The uber energetic founder of IC! Berlin has been designing and manufacturing laser cut surgical steel frames since 1997. Ralph explains the company with the following quote "IC Berlin is a platform for the realization of exciting ideas, simplicity, clarity and brilliant ingenuity".

He also keeps on of the best blogs in the business.

Always looking to push the envelope of self promotion (heck, he puts his personal cell # on all IC!B cases) Ralph came up with a signature collection of all the different designs he has worn over the years. Simply called Ralph's Collection these pieces all come with the original year they were made written on the side and the lens colors worn by the man himself.

Here's a look at the face behind the shades

Ralph's Collection is available exclusivley at Spectacle Queen St

In other exciting IC! Berlin related news, keep your eye's peeled to this blog for a collaboration effort with everyone’s favorite Optical/Sunglasses shop.

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