Saturday, December 12

Spectacle On Kid Cudi's Tour Bus

Kid Cudi and Lady Gaga rolled through Toronto a week or so ago and guess who ended up having to go to the show to solve a glasses related emergency.

Yup the everyday super hero’s of Spectacle came to the rescue.

Seems Kid's manager Henley had these frames that needed a lens replacement and a some tweaking,

Duty called, Jag answered

Once the glasses were fixed up off we went to find Kid Cudi and Henley at the ACC in a sea of fancy looking tour buses.

Somewhere in there magic happens

We coordinated which bus to get on, then got ourselves out of the cold and into luxury

Damn those OPxSpectacle Connolly's are good looking

And in the end which glasses did Kid Cudi say were the only ones he messes with.....

Flat Top Black Supers, the same as Kanye.
All Black Everything