Monday, December 28

Tom Ford Aviators

Tom Ford’s repertoire includes fragrances, luxurious menswear and sunglasses. Ford’s distinctively sexy design style seems to permeate everything he touches. His aviator sunglasses are no exception and never go out of style, so they will transcend seasons. However, each year there are some new twists on this classic frame. The Tom Ford Camillo model comes in combinations of ruthenium finishes, plastic temples with matching brow bar, as well as a Tom Ford logo inlaid on either temple end.

These styling queues can also be found on Ford’s Connor sunglass. The Connor offers a full metal brow bar and large rectangular lenses for those individuals looking for a more refined masculine style.

Originally worn by U.S. air force pilots, that's how the aviator got its name, later the aviator became a movie screen icon when worn by stars like James Dean and Tom Cruise, and today women are just as comfortable wearing this iconic status symbol.

Actress Taylor Momsen on the set of Gossip Girl.

Aviators are categorized by a characteristic double-bridge and their large, dark, drop-shaped lenses. The size and shape of the lens prevents as much UV rays and glare as possible from entering the eye, regardless of the angle.

Hugh Jackman, out-and-about in NYC

Aviator styles are perfect everyday eyewear as they can toughen up a womanly dress or offer a touch of street-cred with jeans and a winter jacket.

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