Tuesday, December 28

Alain Mikli ... in 3D!

Alain Mikli & LG prove not all 3D glasses have to be uncomfortable and unsightly.

LG today announced it will introduce 3D glasses designed in conjunction with Alain Mikli, the Godfather of modern eyewear design. By combining LG's expertise in 3D TVs with Alain Mikli’s know-how in eyewear design, LG is delivering the best quality in every aspect of 3D technology.

With over 30 years of history and tradition, French designer Alain Mikli has gained an international reputation by providing unbeatably comfortable and stylish glasses. The company operates a collection of flagship boutiques around the world in cities such as New York, Paris and Milan, attracting fashion-conscious consumers.

Numerous studies have shown that of all the challenges facing 3D technology acceptance, the glasses always rank near the top,” said Havis Kwon, President of LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. “The fact is, 3D viewing glasses don’t have to be ugly and uncomfortable. We’ve just proven that with Monsieur Mikli’s help in creating what are probably the best, most stylish 3D glasses in the world,”

The new glasses raise the bar for 3D eyewear in terms of design, fit, and user comfort. Unlike the current 3D glasses made of plastic, LG and Mikli opted to make their 3D glasses from select metals, while also sticking to the French designer’s signature streamlined design.

Friday, December 24

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Spectacle

From our family to yours, wishing you a totally awesome holiday season.

See you on boxing day.......................

Wednesday, December 22

The Toronto Maple Leafs Love Trinity Bellwoods Park

The Maple Leafs got into the holiday spirit recently by having a practice at Trinity Bellwoods Park, right down the street from our 752 Queen St West flagship store

We can neither confirm nor deny that those blurred out figures in the back are Spectacle employees playing hooky.

We can confirm that coach Ron Wilson was looking pretty cool in his aviators. They appear very similar in style to a shop fav around here, the Dita Sparrow

Also confirmed is that these kids are having a very merry christmas

Thanks for coming out guys, Spectacle Loves You

Tuesday, December 21

Spectacle's Love Affair w Curtis Santiago Continues

Earlier in the month we let you know about Curtis Santiago and his fabulous art.

Well, here at Spectacle we like to put our money where our blog is, or something like that, so we arranged a special viewing of Curtis's art at our 752 Queen St W flagship store.

If you are in the area and want to take a look at something truly cool and unique then by all means come on in (and don't forget to look at the art while your here, hahaha)

Here are a couple of shots of the man himself dropping of his "little babies" to the shop.

Curtis' art will only be here for a limited time before it heads of to another gallery before going to New York and L.A. so don't miss out

Sunday, December 19

Spectacle Loves Cupcakes ...

but we love our Emma more!

Big thanks to our new neighbors at Dlish Cupcakes for these ever so tasty treats.

Thursday, December 16

Gotstyle Loves Spectacle

The wonderful people from Gotstyle Menswear asked us to help out with their Holiday Gift Guide this year and we were more then happy to oblige them. Take a gander at our selections................

0914 by Curtler & Gross

Indoor or Fashion tints are huge at the moment. Every day another actor gets photographed looking like they stepped out of GQ circa 1973 with a kick ass light blue or rose tint on their lenses. We are starting to see more and more of our clients do the same as well. The lenses on this frame are light enough to be worn inside and out while still maintaining 100% UV A and UV B protection.

Paul Smith’s Berling

The faded brown coloring on this is vintage inspired yet very current. The frame shape is modern yet incorporates the key hole bridge that has been around forever. In short this shade is a mix of old and new making it a great wear for cross generations of people.

BS02 by Beausoleil

These frames are made up of 20% actual real wood. This season we are starting to see different materials being used in the production of eyewear weather it be woods, leathers or precious metals. The beauty in this particular collection is that they are made in the same way as the rest of the Beausoleil collection, which employs an ancient French watch making technique to manufacture frames.

The rest of the gift guide is currently up on Gotstyle's stylish blog. Check it out, tell em Spectacle sent you.

Geek EP Release Pics

Check out Geek and some of the Spectacle crew as we celebrated the night away at Nyood last week in honor of his EP release, in stores now.......

The evenings sponsors representing in true style

Geek stays fresh to death by exclusively wearing Retro Super Future frames from Spectacle and we thank him for it.

Thanks Geek.

Wednesday, December 15

King West Magazine Loves Spectacle

King West Magazine has a new issue out now, we highly recommend picking it up.

Inside you will find an ad for everybody's favorite optical shop

The launch party for this was at the Thompson Hotel see if you can find us inside...

Thanks King West Magazine, Spectacle Loves You

Tuesday, December 14

Spectacle Yonge St. is getting into the Holiday spirit!

With all the snow blowing around out there its not hard to get into said spirit so the Yonge St team went ahead and put up their tree and being the spectacular people that they are its decorated with glasses frames.

Come in and visit us at "Spectacle North" to take advantage of our winter sale and find a pair of frames for you and maybe one for that special someone.

If you can’t find the perfect pair for the Scrooge on your list we have gift cards available and Santa says they make an excellent present for the holidays.

Also during this time of giving why not give someone the gift of sight by dropping off your previously worn frames and lenses. We will be collecting through the holidays and sending them off in the New Year, so when you come in to pick up something new and fabulous, bring in your old pair.

Wednesday, December 8

Spectacle Christmas Party Pics

Fun fun times with the best looking staff on earth (and their guests), take a look for yourself.......

Thanks to AME for playing host, Spectacle Loves You.

Spectacle Voted "Best Optical 2010"

Spectacle Loves Geek

Spectacle is proud to be a sponsor of Mr Geek and his music, some of us will be out at the VIP launch of his new E.P. tonight. Hope you RSVP'd !!!

Tuesday, December 7

Spectacle Loves this Time of the Year!

For ten years Spectacle's been decorating the faces of Toronto with the greatest selection of Specs and Sunnies from around the globe. Our special thanks go out our clients for showing Spectacle the love over the years and it's our pleasure to offer some incredible deals as part of our year-end sale!

Take advantage of sale prices on fabulous limited edition pieces, vintage collections, designer eyewear and sunwear!

Remember to book your eye exam now to take advantage of your expiring vision care plan and save big!

And for that tricky-to-buy for guy or gal on your list, Spectacle does have Gift Certificates available to help share the love.

Thank you again for the support this year and we look forward to seeing you at any of our three locations on Queen Street West, Yonge Street north of Fairlawn Ave, and the Distillery District.

Saturday, December 4

Spectacle Loves Curtis Santiago

Local artist Curtis Santiago has been doing some pretty radical stuff for a while now, even earning himself a sponsorship from Alain Mikli, the world renowned createur de lunettes.

Curtis has an upcoming show in Toronto's up and coming junction neighborhood and word on the street is that it centers around the famous "shutter shades" that Mikli created as well as the Ray Ban Wayfarer (you may have also heard of this frame)

Peep the flyer yo..........

And now a word from the artist in the form of his mission statement.........

When I was a kid, in the 1980s, my mother used to drag me to flea markets where I developed an obsession with Bossons wall masks or Bossons heads (the collectors’ term.) A series of hand-painted, high relief portraits, sculpted from gypsum plaster and produced between 1958 and 1982, the heads were eventually curated into groups and organized according to their various themes, hence: The Seafarers, The Europeans, Men of the Deserts, Dogs of Distinction, and so on.

One collector on Flickr’s group portrait reveals the almost nightmarish homogeneity imposed on such a heterogeneous group. A casual survey reveals an Arab, an First Nations chief, a poodle, a leprechaun, a Romany and a squinting pirate.

I longed to own the collection, as a child, and if I retain this nostalgic affection for the heads; I question their/the various Bossons artists’ perverse sense of exoticism.

As a Trinidadian-Canadian person growing up in a small, predominantly Caucasian suburb of Alberta, the Bossons aesthetic—kitsch racism, dismemberment, deranged otherness—repelled and fascinated me, and still does.

I have wall-mounted the heads also, but on partial walls, to suggest a violent reclamation of the objects from their original and imaginative site. I have added shades and grilles—the kind of hiphop accouterments that the young suburban girls and boys I knew would eventually adopt as a way of biting off mainstream hiphop.

By doing so, I am creating layered nostalgias, that do and do not belong to me.

The layers signify the complexity of my engagement with these artifacts, and question my place within popular culture’s representations of race and gender.

The masks (with their profound relation to European Modernist art’s appropriation of so-called "primitive" African masks; with these artists’ subsequent creation of astonishing hybridities) are ready mades that I have altered towards remembering myself as something other than—in this instance—disembodied and obscured.

Towards constructing myself, through the lenses of art and memory, as a whole person.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop Curtis, Spectacle Loves You

Spectacle creates some Buzz

To help busy people the world over during this hectic holiday season Now Magazine created a special holiday buzz gift guide, and who did they come to for some awesome gift ideas? The spectacular team at Spectacle of course.

Have a gander at our collaborative efforts........

Cutler and Gross 1015 in a Matte Tort, matted colors are one of the hottest things going in the eyewear world right now and these 40's inspired C&G's do a great job of showing why.

Moscot Nebb in Olive Green, Moscot has been making fine frames from N.Y.C.'s U.W.S. for close to a century, they haven't changed the design or concept behind what they do in what seems like forever and that's why they still kick butt.

Cutler and Gross 0773 in Brown Cream Horn. A unique color in a classic shape, this one is for the man or lady with the gusto to pull it off. Good thing so many of our clients are brimming with gusto.

Cutler and Gross is available at all Spectacle locations, Moscot is available at our Queen St and Distillery District locations and at Yonge St by viewing.

Good luck with the holiday shopping folks, remember Spectacle Loves You... and has gift cards available.