Friday, January 22

Anne et Valentin...Coming Soon to a Spectacle Near You

It's been a pretty busy week at the shops, but we were lucky enough to meet up with Anne-Marie from Anne et Valentin this week. Usually we'd have to travel to Paris or NYC to see the collection in person, however Anne-Marie was in town and stopped by the Yonge St location to show us the latest and greatest from the AetV collection.

Original and rich in colour, the collection is easy to wear, even in the case of the shyest client who dares not dare.

In particular the Factory models were duly crafted with a combination of smooth, polished lines and then re-cut to give a raw, unfinished polish to offer a juxtaposing look on the same frame. You gotta check them out when them come in!

You can view the collections at both our Distillery District and Yonge St locations..and remember...Spectacle Loves You!