Wednesday, January 27

Top 5 Sunglasses for Spring 2010

Normally the gray January weather would have most Torontonians in a downward funk; but the warmer-than-normal temperatures inspired the lovely Stacey from Front Row mag to stop by our Queen St shop to eyeball some of the coming trends for the spring.

Stacey's top picks for this upcoming spring:

Hip Hop: Cazal Mod 865, vintage, $1,250

Urban: Retro Super Future, black flat tops, $250

Front Row: Dita Darkness, black and 24k gold, $900

Sex Bomb: Dita Sunbeam, teal, $430

London revived: Cutler and Gross Mod 0736, $425

Good eye Stacey, stop by anytime...and remember...Spectacle Loves You!!!