Saturday, February 20

2010 Supers Have Arrived

The wait is over kids, the Spring Summer 2010 Retro Super Future collection has arrived

Judging by all the phone calls we got leading up to this, this collection is getting mad love from everyone out there and now finally you can get your hands on the goods.

Here are some shots of the staff and client favs from this shipment

The W


Flat Tops

Also we were able to negotiate a sweet deal and be the only store in town that is carrying Super's collaboration shade with Chocolate Skateboards. There are only 333 of these beauties worldwide and they are all individually numbered Check em out......

The 2010 Supers are currently at the Queen St store but many of these including the Flat Tops and Chocolate collabs are headed to the Distillery next week, feeling left out uptown? No worries we can ship them to the Yonge St store for your viewing pleasure. Why? Because Spectacle Loves You