Thursday, February 4

Spectacle influences GQ's 25 Most Stylish Men

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Well when flipping through Gentlemen’s Quarterly and their 25 most stylish men of 2010 list we couldn't help but start blushing a little. Spectacle and our proverbial "Spectacle Style" is all over the thing.

First example: Lebron James.

GQ credits "The King" for his well put together wardrobe including his fashionable geek chic Dita Grandmaster eye glasses. We here at Spectacle have been hip to Dita and all its greatness for a while now. In fact we just expanded the line to all three of our locations for your shopping convenience.

Second Example: Jay Z

GQ is all over Hova and his trademark "Daddy B" shades from Oliver Peoples much the same way we were back when they first came out. These guys are hard to keep in the shop but have no fear we can outfit you in dark shades from any number of the lines that we carry.

Third Example: Pharrell

GQ credits Mr Williams for bringing back the "American Prep" movement, we can't help but feel like we had a small part in that with the custom Spectacle lenses we did for him when he was in town with Jay Z on Halloween.

Thanks GQ for helping preach the Spectacle gospel, Spectacle Loves You for it.