Tuesday, February 9

Spectacle Loves Gucci Eyeweb

Gucci is stepping into 2010 in a very modern way

They have launched a new micro site and mini line called Gucci Eyeweb.

The website includes sections for such cities as Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, New York etc etc where people can post photos of themselves living the good life in these frames. We were just as surprised as you that Toronto wasn't included, looks like we have to turn up the party in the big smoke.

Since we are big on letting things speak for themselves, here is the concept for this collection straight from the mouth of designer Frida Giannini

Gucci Eyeweb consists of two models, to debut in early spring. The male model carries a single iconic G, while the female model carries the Gucci iconic double GG. Each model is distinguished by the signature green and red stripes of the iconic Gucci web, which together with the “world wide web” inspired the new product’s moniker.

“I designed these sunglasses and the accompanying social networking site with today's digital generation in mind. I hope that they will both enjoy wearing them and 'reflecting and connecting' their own creativity with their friends around the world,"

And since a picture is worth a thousand words here are the product shots for eyeweb.

Gucci Eyeweb is available at our Queen St store and by viewing at our other two locations, because Spectacle Loves You