Tuesday, March 30

Spectacle @ LG Fashion Week

At Spectacle we have the best staff period!
From graphic artists to painters, musicians to designers, and one tall curly haird goofball we have some of the most creative minds in town and we love them all.

LG's Canadian Fashion Week was loving the staff too. Anyone checking out the showcase of the next generation of creative Canadian designers from Ryerson's fashion program would have seen the Service Electro collection by our very own super stylist Freda Audrey Tam.

Freda is about to graduate from Ryerson and has been working with us through out her schooling. Although still young in age this savvy vet of the styling/design world turned heads with her military inspired men's clothing line

Lets take a look at some of Ms Electro's own glasses and those that inspired her collection

The Oliver Peoples Marclay. Freda has been rocking this oh so well since last year.

Cutler and Gross 0692. One of her all time fav frames, just ask her.

Freda is back from a recent trip to Chicago and will be rotating around our 3 stores for the Summer. If your looking for someone to totally upgrade your look from socks to saucy berets stop by and she'll be glad to help, because....... Spectacle Loves You.

Monday, March 29

Dita Confidante's At Spectacle North

We just can't stop showing our love for John, Jeff and the whole team over at Dita. We even have a secret Spectacle crush on Devon their lovely office lady.

This week we continue the love in by sending one of our fav models up to 3342 Yonge St for those in Lawrence Park that are in need of something new and fresh in their wardrobe.

Ladies and gentleman (while mostly ladies)we present the Dita Confidante

With a modern twist on the classic cats eye shape, and sturdy Japanese manufacturing there is a lot to love about these frames, which is why they are available at all 3 of our locations now. Your welcome world.
Spectacle Loves You.

Thursday, March 25

Spectacle Loves Famous

Our boy Famous just dropped a new video and as always he dropped by to let us preview it before the public, take a look.

And here is the video for your viewing pleasure

The glasses featured are the Oliver Goldsmith Berwick's a classic design much like all the other Goldsmiths, available at our Queen St store.

Thanks for the love Famous, Spectacle Loves You back.

Tuesday, March 23

Cazal's at the Distillery District

Just sent the vintage Cazal865's to the Distillery District.Pictured above and below on Columbia Records recording artist Amerie. The 865 is one of Cazal's hottest all time pieces.

These plus some of the Targa designed 901's will make up a pretty decent collection of Cazal's to be featured over at 55 Mill St Building B53.

Come on in and check em out and remember Spectacle Loves You

Ray Ban Loves The NYC Subway

Check out these bad boys from the Ray Ban "Rare Prints" series

We've stopped being so called "Ray Ban snobs" and shown our love for this iconic model especially since it features the equally iconic NYC Subway map as designed by Michael Hertz and Associates. The hipsters will never get lost trying to find Willamsburg again!

In fact here is a photo that shows our love for this, literally.

These plus all your classic Ray Bans are available at all Spectacle locations for the Summer.

Hurry if you want the subway prints they are going faster the "L" train outta Brooklyn.

Sunday, March 21

Spectacle Loves Dita Senator's

The fine folks at Dita have done it again.

First there was the Statesmen and all the attention it got, check the current issue of Toronto Life or follow this link.

Now this season they have unveiled the Senator in Antiqued Silver, Matte Blk, Gold and our Spectacle favourite Matte Blk and Gold.

Sleek clean lines and fabulous attention to detail (The Gold is 18k) make this the perfect model for those looking to get their grown up on, or anyone trying to channel classic looks from yesterday.

Look for The Senator at your nearest Spectacle. If its not in stock at your closest location just ask us to bring it in for a viewing. We are happy to do it because Spectacle Loves You

Tuesday, March 16

Spectacle Loves Oliver Peoples This Summer.

Check out this video for Summer 2010 (We feel it is slightly more Canadian what with the French and all)


Check out this collabo they are doing with Balmain

Not familiar with Balmain, the fine folks at OP have you covered with this thorough press release.

Under the leadership of Christophe Decarnin, Balmain has again captured the attention of the fashion world with his signature aesthetic, combining high-energy Parisian style with a strong silhouette, catapulting the prestigious French couture house in a bolder, more contemporary direction. Balmain collaborates with Oliver Peoples, the Los Angeles-based eyewear design company, to create its first eyewear designs: two (2) Limited Edition sunglass styles to be introduced Spring of 2010.
Known for its progressive yet understated designs and handcrafted quality, Oliver Peoples has over 20 years of experience as a leader in the eyewear industry. “The collaboration with Christophe and his team felt completely natural,” says Oliver Peoples Founder and Creative Director, Larry Leight. “The brands make sense together from a design standpoint in that both maintain an inspirational position and value a premium level of quality. Those who want the best in runway turn to Balmain, and those who want the best in eyewear turn to Oliver Peoples.”
Consistent with the 2010 Balmain collections, the bold, unisex styles reflect sleek, contemporary design elements and feature exaggerated teardrop lenses in a comfortable, face-fitting wrap. The Balmain I is a rock-n-roll-inspired, mixed-media style crafted with a smooth metal top bar fastened by four screws against the acetate-enclosed lenses to provide the illusion of a frame front. The temples include a flexible hinge that allows for greater bendable movement. This version will be available in solid black and a black/silver combination. The Balmain II is an inventive interpretation of the classic double-bridge aviator. The pronounced, slightly thicker top bar creates a more distinctive look, while retaining the signature styling. Available in gold or silver, this version is available in two sizes and flatters most faces. Both Limited Edition designs will retail for $595. Balmain I will be in stores March/April and Balmain II will follow later this year

As soon as we get our hands on a pair of these we will let you know, stay tuned....

Plaid Magazine Loves Spectacle

New kids on the publishing block Plaid Mag have thrown some love our way by interviewing our head hancho Jag, look for us to post that as soon as it is available.

In the meantime check out this behind the scenes video of a recent story they did. All sunglasses are from us of course.

Here is a link to the online photos.

In the photos you will see a one of a kind vintage Balenciaga from our vault and these Super "Gals" from the current collection.

Thanks Plaid. Spectacle Loves You

Saturday, March 13

Hype Means Nothing at Spectacle

You may have noticed some famous faces in the window at our Queen St store.

We've been up on the Hype Means Nothing craze for a while. but, for those of you who are unfamiliar with these shirts here is the idea behind them..............
Hype Means Nothing have not been around for too long, but in the short time since they started out they have managed to attract a wide range of fans and collaborators with their individual concept. Each tee takes the idea of ‘celebrity’ and prods a little but of well placed fun at it, through these premium printed tees featuring famous faces pretending to wear fashionable sunglasses.

The term ‘hype’ has become very prevalent over the past few years, describing items of fashion and style which are highly desirable and often sell out as quickly as they are released. In a culture of pre-orders and blogs this web-driven way of living is taken very seriously by some, with these aspirational items going for massive amounts of money, both at the time of sale and when being re-sold as deadstock. This relatively new culture is fueled by the internet, ‘hype’ products gather almost feverish attention months before their release, sneak previews and leaked-line sheets give ardent followers a glimpse of these much anticipated releases.

With so much money and hard work involved in getting your hands on ‘hype’ products, the scene and it’s major-players can sometimes come across as being somewhat stoic. French t-shirt label Hype Means Nothing intend on going some way to dispelling this myth.

In the short time since they started out Hype Means Nothing have managed to attract a wide range of fans and collaborators from across the world of celebrity (both in reality and fiction) with their individual concept. Each tee takes the idea of ‘celebrity’ and ‘hype’ and prods a little bit of well placed fun at it. Each premium printed tee features famous faces pretending to wear fashionable sunglasses, with a catalogue-esque description of real ‘hype’ sunglasses including their price, below.

This is a brilliantly done and refreshing parody of a movement that often gets accused of taking itself too seriously, and this balance of actual hype with a light-hearted twist (in our opinion at least!) works very well.

Because Spectacle Loves You the shirts may be for sale, just ask us once the display comes down.

Thursday, March 11

Celebrities Love Spectacle Style

We've been noticing a lot of celebs have stepped it up in their sunglass selections this year. No more hats and dark shades to hide from the paparazzi because really who looks good like that?

In fact many of the rich and famous are wearing some of the same frames we have on our shelves.

Maybe this is due to a plethora of like minded and savvy stylists in Hollywood/Toronto or maybe just everyone collectively deciding to dress their best, we don't know. We are very impressed though.

Check it out.................

Rihanna is rocking an uber sexy pair of vintage Dior's that we have in our well renowned vintage section. Shields are making a bit of a comeback this summer they're not just for European dance floors anymore

Kate Beckinsale is staying ahead of the curve in a pair of Spring/Summer 2010 Oliver Peoples "Josselyns". These good looking sunnies come in some awesome vibrant colors and have been a staff fav here since we got them earlier in the year.

Kim Kardashian is taking high fashion to new extremes in Tom Ford's Alessandra. Darren has been raving about this model since it came out in 2009, we think he has a crush on it. The large round design is very "of the moment" but it still has an overall classic feel to it.

These and many more styles are available at your friendly local Spectacle.

Wednesday, March 10


You read that right kiddies. The most requested sunglass of the year is here.

It aint at any big time, big name department store, it's not in NYC or Vegas or L.A. or any of the other places that our clients have been telling us they've searched.

This right here.....

Is available at Spectacle 752 Queen St W as of right now and at our Distillery District shop in a couple of days.

The only other place you'll find em is on an international celebrity/rapper's face

We've got the hook up cuz Spectacle Loves You

Monday, March 8

Yonge St Gets With the Funk!

FUNK is more than a brand, it's a philosophy, an attitude, a lifestyle and Spectacle is excited to have the sunglass collection at our Yonge/Lawrence Park location.

FUNK was founded in 1992 by Dieter Funk. The brand FUNK started to be a trendsetter for very weird and crazy sunglasses. Soon musicians and bands discovered FUNK as their favorite brand. It's one of the last existing, independent, small, individual and authentic brands worldwide.

The Mistress sunglass above comes with ornate detailing on the temples which compliment the clean esthetic of the frame front. These pieces are in limited quantity and won't last long.

Stop by our Yonge/Lawrence Park location before the sun gets any brighter!
And remember...Spectacle Loves You!

Friday, March 5

Spectacle and Our Clients Help Out

In order to help out with the recent disaster in Haiti, $5 from every complete pair of eyewear purchased in the month of March will be donated to relief efforts.

Thanks to you our clients for helping to make a difference.

Tuesday, March 2

Dior, Uptown Style!

Attention Spectacle Yonge St shoppers!
For your convenience we have moved our entire Dior collection uptown to our Lawrence Park store.

We're sure you are all familiar with the much storied history of Christian Dior and his fashionable creations, so we'll stop beating around the bush, here is a look at some of the tres chic models at Spectacle north.



Come on by 3342 Yonge St and unleash the inner super model inside you.

Monday, March 1

Spectacle Loves These Photos

The glasses featured are the Cazal 163, which usually gets rocked by guys but, looks very feminine and futurisic in these pics.

Guess all it takes is the creative eye of a good photographer like our main man (and all around good guy) Jordan Eady

Keep making the world a sexier place Jordan, Spectacle Loves You