Thursday, March 11

Celebrities Love Spectacle Style

We've been noticing a lot of celebs have stepped it up in their sunglass selections this year. No more hats and dark shades to hide from the paparazzi because really who looks good like that?

In fact many of the rich and famous are wearing some of the same frames we have on our shelves.

Maybe this is due to a plethora of like minded and savvy stylists in Hollywood/Toronto or maybe just everyone collectively deciding to dress their best, we don't know. We are very impressed though.

Check it out.................

Rihanna is rocking an uber sexy pair of vintage Dior's that we have in our well renowned vintage section. Shields are making a bit of a comeback this summer they're not just for European dance floors anymore

Kate Beckinsale is staying ahead of the curve in a pair of Spring/Summer 2010 Oliver Peoples "Josselyns". These good looking sunnies come in some awesome vibrant colors and have been a staff fav here since we got them earlier in the year.

Kim Kardashian is taking high fashion to new extremes in Tom Ford's Alessandra. Darren has been raving about this model since it came out in 2009, we think he has a crush on it. The large round design is very "of the moment" but it still has an overall classic feel to it.

These and many more styles are available at your friendly local Spectacle.