Thursday, April 29

Spectacle Loves Maui Jim

Aloha from Fairlawn..

There is a reason why we are the wise elder branch off the Spectacle family tree.

All we want is to make sure you all are taken very good care of, health wise, and it doesn’t hurt if you look good in the process.

As we all know, too much exposure to U.V. light is bad news bears. Harmful U.V. rays A, B and C cause your eyes to age, burn and become more susceptible to cancer. Not to mention squinting causes premature wrinkles.
This is why we bring you Maui Jim Sunglasses!

Their patented Polarized Plus 2 lens eliminates glare that “obscures the world’s full beauty.” Hard to believe, but their lenses actually have 9 layers, starting with a waterproof, anti-reflective and clear-shell scratch resistance coating. There is a polarized film that sandwiches the actual lens, followed by yet another clear shell coating. A bi-gradiant mirror is added for the trade mark Maui Jim aesthetic, finished off with a final layer of waterproof coating

As the wave of the new millennium began to crest, so too did the Maui Jim collection. It came ashore the Canadian coast in 1996. For the first time since its humble beginnings in the not so humble 1980’s, the line came from Hawaii to you.

Spectacle loves Maui Jim. Hang ten kiddo’s.

Tuesday, April 27

Spectacle's Polarized Lenses Go Green!

Whether you have a prescription or not, Spectacle’s polarized lenses offer sharper images and depth perception, reduced glare, UV protection and greater comfort – making for a more vivid and safe eyewear experience.

Most people know that polarized lenses are an upgrade from their clear eyeglass and/or regular tinted lenses but don’t know how they deliver more comfortable and clearer vision so we've added a handy video that explains the benefits of polarized lenses for everyday life.

Spectacle’s polarized lenses are made from an environmentally-friendly film (the first of it's kind!) that is applied during the manufacturing process on the front surface of the lens. The polarized film allows oblique light rays to be filtered, as a result improving the vision in strong light conditions. As well, polarized lenses will protect you and your eyes from UV rays, glare and intense light. In combination with an anti-reflection coating, polarized lenses are ideal for fishing, driving, sailing or just walking around Toronto on a bright afternoon.

Monday, April 26

Super Flat Tops and Frank is here!!!!

Got off the phone with Spectacle Queen St when I was done the Chrome Hearts blog and they let me know a couple of highly requested Super's are back in stock.

Flat Top in black- for everyone that's been calling about it.

Frank- Don't let the man's name fool you this will be "super" hot on a lady, hahaha.

We've only got one of each so put down that Iphone and latte and run to 752 Queen West.
Your welcome hipsters, Spectacle Loves You.

New Chrome Hearts at Spectacle

A new box of Chrome Hearts mysteriously got dropped off at Spectacle Queen St and Distillery District recently. The timing couldnt have been better as our C.H. rep James was just in town partying hard with us (photos and stories about that later).

For those of you that know and love Chrome Hearts this is like a voice from heaven because even James admits that Chrome Hearts doesn't go by any ones pace or standard but their own, that pace is slow and the standard very, very high.Karl Lagerfeld has called Chrome Hearts the most important and progressive brand in the world today and they are doing their best to back up Uncle Karl's words.

No expense is spared when making one of their frame, from rare Brazilian woods to mother of pearl, sterling silver,gold and full grain Italian leather they only use top of the line materials.

As a result putting a pair of these on definitely makes you feel and look like a million bucks and then there is the names of the frames. Since we want to keep this a PG blog with a rated R edge we wont get into that too much. Lets just say James told us that a bunch of raunchy dudes get drunk and come up with the names around a camp fire. Enough said, check out the shades.......

Sunday, April 25

Spectacle Loves Our Girl Janice

Spectacle's very own optician/fine artist Janice Stouffer currently has her work hanging up in Politica, a delectable eatery in Liberty Village.

If your looking for a nice supper experience stop by and check out the art on the walls.

Here is the postcard for the opening reception come on by and say "hi" a bunch of the Spectacle crew will be out and about supporting our sistah...

Naked Eye Magazine Loves Corey Shapiro

Our homeboy and yours Corey Shapiro got some pub and love from Naked Eye Magazine this month. Boy does he deserve it, the man is a non stop flurry of vintage frame action.

Check out this hot shot of a Cazal 867, Just like the one you'll find at Spectacle.

To read the whole article follow this link

Keep an eye out for Corey, this probably wont be the last time you see him on our blog. Good looks Dr Shapiro, Spectacle Loves You.

Saturday, April 24

Spectacle Loves Dior 2010

Dior just put out a bunch of new frames and wow are they hot.

Feast your eyes on the goods......

Diorline- We were trying to order this in even before it was released in Canada, that's how much we love the frame. The lines on the side have a little cut out that add a real sense of uniqueness to this frame, and it looks super hot when being worn, an absolute winner.

Dior Homme Black Tie 104 - Classic, clean and simple lines with a small triangle detail on the hinges make this just about the perfect pair of shades for anyone.

Diorcocotte - Large round and with a very sophisticated temple, these are great for dressing up for a special occasion or just looking your best everyday

The Dior collection is at Spectacle Uptown and Downtown, if you would like to see some of these at the Distillery District just pop into the shop and ask, we'd be happy to send them over for a viewing.

Thanks John Galliano & Kris Van Asche, Spectacle Loves You.

Spectacle Loves Super Sideviews

Super calls these
A spin-off of our our classic FlatTop model, maintaining an elegant sense of design and choice of gentleman colors. It may be proudly worn for any occasion, wether it be driving on a sunday afternoon or to show off your keen sense of style.

We just call them awesome, take a look.

Both colors available at Spectacle Queen St, while supplies last....hurry on down.

Saturday, April 17

Spectacle Loves Theo by Tim Van Steenbergen

Belgian designer Tim Van Steenbergen is one thought out fellow, as evident in his men's and woman's clothing lines.The attention to detail in his stitching is exquisite, the colors play off each other effortlessly, it is really nice stuff.

So when we got word that he was collaborating with fellow Belgian's and eyewear giants Theo our interest was perked.

Keeping with his M.O. Van Steenbergen and Theo have come up with one of the most intriguing collections of the year. The Butterflies series is made up of 6 acetate pairs of glasses which were each given the Latin name of a butterfly. In this collection the butterfly symbolises the discovery of new worlds, in all their forms.

Take a look.......................

PAPILIO HOSPITON (Corsican Swallowtail) A large but elegant pilot model with ajours (incised decorative openings) in the top left and right corner.

LIMENITIS REDUCTA (Southern White Admiral) A classic 1950s model with a keyhole nose.

PYRGUS MALVAE (Grizzled Skipper) A feminine butterfly model with a pronounced low sidepiece.

COLIAS AUSTRALIS (Berger’s Clouded Yellow) A feminine model that radiates timeless elegance, just like Tim Van Steenbergen’s clothing collection.

HESPERIA COMMA (Silver-spotted Skipper) The model which reminds you most of explorers and archaeologists thanks to its large round shape. The pair of glasses has a keyhole nose and double nose bridge with ajour work in the sidepiece.

MELLICTA ATHALIA (Heath Fritillary) A sturdy, rectangular masculine model with a double nose bridge. This pair of glasses is inspired by the dust glasses that archaeologists wore in the desert to protect themselves against the wind and sand. The front section of the sidepiece is wide with ajour work.

Continuing on with the theme of discovering new worlds, the press release for these models explains the concept.
Revealing new worlds and other cultures has fascinated people for centuries. Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, David Livingstone and Henry Morton Stanley all gained eternal fame after discovering an unknown part of the world, country, region or race. Their adventures have inspired many writers and film-makers to create genuine masterpieces. One of the best known is probably the wonderful story of Indiana Jones. This romantic image of an adventurer from the 19th to 20th century forms the foundation for the collection. Think of rugged landscapes, long boat trips, microscopes, boxes of archives, tents, tropical helmets, butterfly boxes, African masks, stuffed animals, etc. and you enter the world on which the story of the Butterfly series is modelled.

Stop by Spectacle Queen St and transform yourself with one of these shades, there is no telling what new worlds you'll discover. Just remember wherever you go and whatever you do Spectacle Loves You.

Monday, April 12

Spectacle Loves IC! Berlin's Collaborations

The fine folks at IC! Berlin have come up with 2 great collabo's that recently caught our eye.

One is the International Collection which was brought to life by the team of Ralph Anderl, who started Ic! Berlin, Steve Goldberg, an American from City Optics, and a Japanese fram maker.Since it was designed by 3 designers from 3 different countries, it was given the ic! berlin international moniker.

Each model comes with the inscription "蛙の子は蛙" on the inner temple. Evidently this means, a frog's son is still a frog or like father like son you'll have to forgive us our Japanese aint what it used to be.

The other frame was done in tandom with uber hip bike messanger bag company Freitag.

Here is the lowdown on these cool as hell aviators
Since 1993 FREITAG has been making bags from recycled truck tarps. Invented when the Freitag brothers were living in a cheap apartment next to the highway, they now sell to hundreds of progressive street- and fashion stores around the world as well as through their own shops in Zurich, Davos, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin and Talking to Ic! Berlin, the direction was clear: Finally a good pair of trucker shades!

FREITAG rarely does co-ops. But the brothers’ respect for ic! berlin’s screw-less constructions and the fact that they were given complete freedom in design was enough to make an exception. The two models «Dirty Lyle» (mirrored) and «Spider Mike» (matted) are a tribute to Sam Peckinpah’s 1978 truckin’ masterpiece «Convoy» with Kris Kristofferson.

The sunglass design was developed by Daniel and Markus Freitag, inspired by seventies aviator shapes. It helps you spot that cop car when you’re driving into the sunset, it does a good job hiding your eyes and facial expressions from the nosy public if you’re famous, and it keeps the wind out of your eyes when you’re cycling (rather important, seeing FREITAG bags have always been close to bike messenger circles).

Both of these models can be viewed at your local Spectacle, just stop by and ask us about 'em and remember, Spectacle Loves You.

Thursday, April 1


A lot of you have been calling wondering when these wonderful pieces were going to come in. Well now you no longer have to worry friends 'cause they're fresh on our shelves just waiting for your love.

For those of you who might be new to the Moscot name, Moscot has been producing top notch eyewear since 1915. Starting in New York city on a cozy little sale cart Saul Moscot brought his product to the world. Now almost 100 years later the company is still going strong bringing you quality eyewear with the best styles. How can you argue that fact? Johnny Dep is rockin 'em!

We got the Ginger, Nebb, Lemtosh, Zelig, Yukel and Vilda all in stock.

While supplies last! ... ok i lied we COULD make another order... i just really wanted to say that.

Check it:

Our latest addition to the team Thomas in the Nebb!

Every one give him a warm round of applause