Monday, April 26

New Chrome Hearts at Spectacle

A new box of Chrome Hearts mysteriously got dropped off at Spectacle Queen St and Distillery District recently. The timing couldnt have been better as our C.H. rep James was just in town partying hard with us (photos and stories about that later).

For those of you that know and love Chrome Hearts this is like a voice from heaven because even James admits that Chrome Hearts doesn't go by any ones pace or standard but their own, that pace is slow and the standard very, very high.Karl Lagerfeld has called Chrome Hearts the most important and progressive brand in the world today and they are doing their best to back up Uncle Karl's words.

No expense is spared when making one of their frame, from rare Brazilian woods to mother of pearl, sterling silver,gold and full grain Italian leather they only use top of the line materials.

As a result putting a pair of these on definitely makes you feel and look like a million bucks and then there is the names of the frames. Since we want to keep this a PG blog with a rated R edge we wont get into that too much. Lets just say James told us that a bunch of raunchy dudes get drunk and come up with the names around a camp fire. Enough said, check out the shades.......