Thursday, April 1


A lot of you have been calling wondering when these wonderful pieces were going to come in. Well now you no longer have to worry friends 'cause they're fresh on our shelves just waiting for your love.

For those of you who might be new to the Moscot name, Moscot has been producing top notch eyewear since 1915. Starting in New York city on a cozy little sale cart Saul Moscot brought his product to the world. Now almost 100 years later the company is still going strong bringing you quality eyewear with the best styles. How can you argue that fact? Johnny Dep is rockin 'em!

We got the Ginger, Nebb, Lemtosh, Zelig, Yukel and Vilda all in stock.

While supplies last! ... ok i lied we COULD make another order... i just really wanted to say that.

Check it:

Our latest addition to the team Thomas in the Nebb!

Every one give him a warm round of applause