Thursday, April 29

Spectacle Loves Maui Jim

Aloha from Fairlawn..

There is a reason why we are the wise elder branch off the Spectacle family tree.

All we want is to make sure you all are taken very good care of, health wise, and it doesn’t hurt if you look good in the process.

As we all know, too much exposure to U.V. light is bad news bears. Harmful U.V. rays A, B and C cause your eyes to age, burn and become more susceptible to cancer. Not to mention squinting causes premature wrinkles.
This is why we bring you Maui Jim Sunglasses!

Their patented Polarized Plus 2 lens eliminates glare that “obscures the world’s full beauty.” Hard to believe, but their lenses actually have 9 layers, starting with a waterproof, anti-reflective and clear-shell scratch resistance coating. There is a polarized film that sandwiches the actual lens, followed by yet another clear shell coating. A bi-gradiant mirror is added for the trade mark Maui Jim aesthetic, finished off with a final layer of waterproof coating

As the wave of the new millennium began to crest, so too did the Maui Jim collection. It came ashore the Canadian coast in 1996. For the first time since its humble beginnings in the not so humble 1980’s, the line came from Hawaii to you.

Spectacle loves Maui Jim. Hang ten kiddo’s.