Saturday, April 17

Spectacle Loves Theo by Tim Van Steenbergen

Belgian designer Tim Van Steenbergen is one thought out fellow, as evident in his men's and woman's clothing lines.The attention to detail in his stitching is exquisite, the colors play off each other effortlessly, it is really nice stuff.

So when we got word that he was collaborating with fellow Belgian's and eyewear giants Theo our interest was perked.

Keeping with his M.O. Van Steenbergen and Theo have come up with one of the most intriguing collections of the year. The Butterflies series is made up of 6 acetate pairs of glasses which were each given the Latin name of a butterfly. In this collection the butterfly symbolises the discovery of new worlds, in all their forms.

Take a look.......................

PAPILIO HOSPITON (Corsican Swallowtail) A large but elegant pilot model with ajours (incised decorative openings) in the top left and right corner.

LIMENITIS REDUCTA (Southern White Admiral) A classic 1950s model with a keyhole nose.

PYRGUS MALVAE (Grizzled Skipper) A feminine butterfly model with a pronounced low sidepiece.

COLIAS AUSTRALIS (Berger’s Clouded Yellow) A feminine model that radiates timeless elegance, just like Tim Van Steenbergen’s clothing collection.

HESPERIA COMMA (Silver-spotted Skipper) The model which reminds you most of explorers and archaeologists thanks to its large round shape. The pair of glasses has a keyhole nose and double nose bridge with ajour work in the sidepiece.

MELLICTA ATHALIA (Heath Fritillary) A sturdy, rectangular masculine model with a double nose bridge. This pair of glasses is inspired by the dust glasses that archaeologists wore in the desert to protect themselves against the wind and sand. The front section of the sidepiece is wide with ajour work.

Continuing on with the theme of discovering new worlds, the press release for these models explains the concept.
Revealing new worlds and other cultures has fascinated people for centuries. Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, David Livingstone and Henry Morton Stanley all gained eternal fame after discovering an unknown part of the world, country, region or race. Their adventures have inspired many writers and film-makers to create genuine masterpieces. One of the best known is probably the wonderful story of Indiana Jones. This romantic image of an adventurer from the 19th to 20th century forms the foundation for the collection. Think of rugged landscapes, long boat trips, microscopes, boxes of archives, tents, tropical helmets, butterfly boxes, African masks, stuffed animals, etc. and you enter the world on which the story of the Butterfly series is modelled.

Stop by Spectacle Queen St and transform yourself with one of these shades, there is no telling what new worlds you'll discover. Just remember wherever you go and whatever you do Spectacle Loves You.