Tuesday, April 27

Spectacle's Polarized Lenses Go Green!

Whether you have a prescription or not, Spectacle’s polarized lenses offer sharper images and depth perception, reduced glare, UV protection and greater comfort – making for a more vivid and safe eyewear experience.

Most people know that polarized lenses are an upgrade from their clear eyeglass and/or regular tinted lenses but don’t know how they deliver more comfortable and clearer vision so we've added a handy video that explains the benefits of polarized lenses for everyday life.

Spectacle’s polarized lenses are made from an environmentally-friendly film (the first of it's kind!) that is applied during the manufacturing process on the front surface of the lens. The polarized film allows oblique light rays to be filtered, as a result improving the vision in strong light conditions. As well, polarized lenses will protect you and your eyes from UV rays, glare and intense light. In combination with an anti-reflection coating, polarized lenses are ideal for fishing, driving, sailing or just walking around Toronto on a bright afternoon.