Thursday, May 27

Rap and R&B Stars Loves Dita Grandmasters

Over on Chicago's south side Lupe Fiasco just dropped a new music video in anticipation of a new album.

He's rocking the Dita Grandmasters and looking pretty fly doing so, take a look....

Down south in the ATL, Mr Usher is totally smoothed out in the same frames....

Up here in Toronto a little store called Spectacle has been stocking these bad boys for some time. In fact just for you we have all three versions of the "Grandmaster" currently available

Grandmaster 1

Grandmaster 2

Grandmaster 3

Spectacle Loves You

Tuesday, May 25

New Super Order at Queen St

Feeling those post long weekend blues??

We were too, until we opened up a box of Supers and a big smile just popped on our collective faces.

Here are the frames that brightened up our day

Luciano in Cheetah

Lucia in Summer Safari

W in Red

All are available at 752 Queen West and at our other locations by request.

Back to work world, remember Spectacle Loves You.

Saturday, May 22

Buy It Now - Vintage Christian Dior 2434

Spectacle has gone viral!!!

Starting today we will be putting some of our exclusive vintage pieces for sale on line.

This is your chance to own a little bit of Spectacle style no matter where you live.

The first frame up for grabs is a Christian Dior 2134, as pictured on Rihanna in this previous blog post.

This beautiful frame comes with the tags still attached, the green shield and gold temples make for a classic color combo. The shape and detailing make it timeless in its style.

It can be yours for $525 plus $20 shipping

What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, May 19

NBA Playoff Glasses

The NBA playoffs are getting pretty intense right now, some of the Spectacle team find it amusing to take their minds of the actual games for a minute or two and check out the eyewear that's being sported

Call it an occupational hazard,(you should see what happens if more then one of us are at a movie theater together) so far we have had pretty good luck with the coaches and their respective frames, take a look.....

Phil Jackson is looking very chic in his Oliver Peoples Rileys

Since Phil never has just one of anything(I.E. championship rings) here he is sporting a second look with some Lindbergs

Mike Brown also rocks Lindbergs, although from their acetate collection. Hope it helps his golf game.

Alvin Gentry appears to be wearing some Mikli's, someones got high class taste.

Doc Rivers, well he just wears contacts, we sell those too, and they are still better then whatever the heck Amare has on his head.

Remember eyewear fans, there are plenty of fun to be had at the NBA playoffs besides the games being played.

Saturday, May 15

Our favourite Cutlers are back!!!!

Because Spectacle Loves You sooo much we've brought back a collection of some of the all time best Cutler and Gross frames.

The love doesn't stop there, we put them at all 3 of our locations for your shopping pleasure and convinence.

You can commence ogling the merchandise...








41 years into it and C&G still put the class in classic.These frames are built like tanks and with the style to last just as long.

A definite go to amongst glasses aficionados the world over and available at your nearest Spectacle location.

Tuesday, May 11

Happy Mondays

Some of our Spectacle crew took some time out on Monday to shoot video and strut their stuff for our new website that will be launched in the next few weeks.

Mr. Spectacle himself Jag Dhillon, laying down Spectacle philosophy for the staff and crew.

Spectacle Loves You

Saturday, May 8

Special Mikli's at Queen St for the Weekend

Mr Alain Mikli has long been considered the "Grand Daddy of Haute Couture eyewear", and who are we to disagree.

The man is responsible for some of the best and most innovative designs in our industry, he even came up with the shutter shade(ok, so nobodies perfect)

Over the next few days Spectacle will be housing the newest and most avante guard of Mikli's Eyewear collection, we only have them for a limited time so if you like your glasses to be one of a kind in that high art sort of way, hurry on down to 752 Queen St W as soon as you can

Here is a little sneak peek of whats in store........

Mikli 1014

Mikli 0929

Remember glasses fans, Spectacle Loves You

Spectacle Night Out Pix

When the Spectacle crew decide to get together for a night out its more then just your regular high class soiree.

This one involved three reps, James aka "Mr Chrome Hearts", Anthony from Eye DC, and Darrin the Dita man, a bunch of friends and family and a hang over that lasted a couple of days or so.

Thanks to Tom and the staff at Nyood for the amazing food, the DSquared twins for being the second best dressed party in the room and Grey Goose for the blurry/out of focus photos.

Wish you were here, Spectacle Loves You........................

Thursday, May 6

Spectacle Welcomes Michael!

Spectacle Welcomes Michael, our newest addition to the stylist team.

His top pick's for the summer of 2010 featured tortoise, circles and bows!
While busy working up at the Yonge Street Spectacle, he took some time to model
these hot new looks.

Tom Ford's Bachardy

Persol's 2961

Lastly this seasons hottest trend, bows, on Versace's 4171

Good pick's Michael, welcome to the team!

Tuesday, May 4

Spectacle Loves The New Cutler and Gross Collection

Cutler and Gross just released their newest collection.

They are going with a 30's theme this season as stated in their press release

Cutler and Gross Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection is
inspired by the 1930’s
fashionable painter Tamara de Lempicka. The creative
team at Cutler and
Gross loves her use of strong colours and the way she
‘lit’ her subjects
and herself, which is a form of ‘soft’ and ‘synthetic’
Cubism that summed
up the fashionable and the sensual side of the Art Deco
movement in the
The strong silhouette of the models in green, red,
purple and black create a
great contrast against the depressed 30’s
industrial buildings of New York
which is a recurring theme through out our
The new collection reflects the mood and style of the period;
Precise and
sensual in feel and texture. Here, mixing metal with acetate,
curving and
streamlining to recreate the utmost luxurious glasses with the
Art Deco
essence and in the true spirit of Lempicka.
Key colours for
women; gold with fire orange, bakelite blue and ruby red
set the
For men; ocean blue with silver metal, Deco brown laminated with
acetate and of course the classic and favourite blacks are here to

We dont care what decade these things come from they are just hot, take a look.


Thanks Cutler and Gross, Spectacle Loves You