Wednesday, May 19

NBA Playoff Glasses

The NBA playoffs are getting pretty intense right now, some of the Spectacle team find it amusing to take their minds of the actual games for a minute or two and check out the eyewear that's being sported

Call it an occupational hazard,(you should see what happens if more then one of us are at a movie theater together) so far we have had pretty good luck with the coaches and their respective frames, take a look.....

Phil Jackson is looking very chic in his Oliver Peoples Rileys

Since Phil never has just one of anything(I.E. championship rings) here he is sporting a second look with some Lindbergs

Mike Brown also rocks Lindbergs, although from their acetate collection. Hope it helps his golf game.

Alvin Gentry appears to be wearing some Mikli's, someones got high class taste.

Doc Rivers, well he just wears contacts, we sell those too, and they are still better then whatever the heck Amare has on his head.

Remember eyewear fans, there are plenty of fun to be had at the NBA playoffs besides the games being played.