Tuesday, May 4

Spectacle Loves The New Cutler and Gross Collection

Cutler and Gross just released their newest collection.

They are going with a 30's theme this season as stated in their press release

Cutler and Gross Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection is
inspired by the 1930’s
fashionable painter Tamara de Lempicka. The creative
team at Cutler and
Gross loves her use of strong colours and the way she
‘lit’ her subjects
and herself, which is a form of ‘soft’ and ‘synthetic’
Cubism that summed
up the fashionable and the sensual side of the Art Deco
movement in the
The strong silhouette of the models in green, red,
purple and black create a
great contrast against the depressed 30’s
industrial buildings of New York
which is a recurring theme through out our
The new collection reflects the mood and style of the period;
Precise and
sensual in feel and texture. Here, mixing metal with acetate,
curving and
streamlining to recreate the utmost luxurious glasses with the
Art Deco
essence and in the true spirit of Lempicka.
Key colours for
women; gold with fire orange, bakelite blue and ruby red
set the
For men; ocean blue with silver metal, Deco brown laminated with
acetate and of course the classic and favourite blacks are here to

We dont care what decade these things come from they are just hot, take a look.


Thanks Cutler and Gross, Spectacle Loves You