Monday, June 21

Spectacle Loves Chanel!

Spectacle Loves Chanel and tweed!

The designers for Chanel Eyewear teamed up with Mazzakelli in Italy to design this year’s incredible Tweed Collection. It is the same tweed used in the signature Chanel jackets. The fine tweed material is woven into the acetate to create an incredible, one of a kind, aesthetic for each frame.

Another incredibly feminine, signature look by CoCo Chanel is the ribbon! You can find them on all of her designs, from handbags to jewellery to shoes and now on sunglasses as well!

Both tweed and ribbon collections are available at the Spectacle on Yonge St.

Spectacle Loves Ya!

Spectacle loves THEO!

In Sex And The City 2, actress Kim Cattrall (as Samantha) rocks loads of killer shades, many of which we carrie (ha ha) at Spectacle! We LOVE Theo and were stoked to see Samantha in the Tim Van Steenbergen for Theo frame, Commodore.

In the first SATC movie, a pair of Theo Moby Dick sunglasses were worn by Samantha.

More to come about the Spectacles in SATC 2!
Spectacle Loves You!

Friday, June 11

Spectacle x Ic! Berlin

Those of you that follow the blog know that we've been raving about the collaborations that IC Berlin have done.

Well turns out that Ic! Berlin was loving us right back, and gave us the go ahead to come up with our very own IC!Berlin x Spectacle frame, this is also perfect timing as it corresponds with the brand new to be launched any day now.

The frame is the Arne shape with a matte black front and exclusive IC! Berlin X Spectacle temples available in gold or silver

The staff at Queen St(who are always ahead of the curve) couldn't wait any longer and put up an IC! Berlin window to celebrate earlier this month.

Take a look at the window and the collabo frame, don't forget to check, coming soon.....

Thursday, June 10

Warehouse 13 @ Spectacle's Distillery Location

The TV series Warehouse 13 will be using Spectacle's Building 53 Distillery District location on Monday June 13th for part of there TV series. The shop will be closed Monday as the TV crew transforms Spectacle into an abandoned Russian warehouse.

If you're in the area, look for Spectacle's very own Eric Moe who'll be on hand making sure the stars look good in there shades.

Friday, June 4

Spectacle Loves Alexander Wang for Linda Farrow

One of the hottest collections from this past season's runway shows has arrived at Spectacle.

The Alexander Wang 2010 sunglass collection and its signature little cats eye number has been spotted on everyone from GaGa to Beyonce and with good reason, its damn cool.

The staff here at Spectacle were also really into the AW3, take a look

Heck all the frames that Alexander and Linda came up with together are hot, come on by 752 Queen St West and check em out.

Thursday, June 3

Our Boy Famous Shows Us Some Love

Our boy Famous was at the Stylus awards recenlty and gave us a shout out on the red carpet, check it out...

2010 Stylus DJ Awards - Red Carpet Stylus Style from Karla Moy on Vimeo.

Everyone call up Much and request his video for I Want To Know Your Name as many times as you can.

Thanks Famous

Spectacle Loves You