Thursday, July 29

Spectacle is BLINDEd by the LIGHT...

The Blinde eyewear collection is a favourite with the fashion stylists and editors who strive to make a statement without being obvious and that is just what THE DEAN from their Spring Summer 2010 collection does.

The frames have core beta-titanium in the temples for flexibility and comfort, and the signature seven-barrel six-pin stainless steel hinge is one of the strongest and most durable in the industry.

Constantly influenced by his many interests, such as surfing, fashion and art (really who isn't interested in those three) Richard Walker works with many other designers to create collections that continually evolve and stay on top of the fashion trends.

Given the opportunity to design the sunglasses for the principal characters in "THE MATRIX" movies and he also custom sunglass styled the three leading actresses in "CHARLIE'S ANGLES".

Walker's innovative approach to eyewear remains true to quality and the aesthetic while providing an eyewear product that fulfills its purpose of being both stylish and functional. Thats why Spectacle Loves his shades, and you should too!