Tuesday, July 6

Spectacle Welcomes Tanja and David Yurman!

Spectacle welcomes Tanja, a new addition to the stylist team.

That’s not the only new thing. Yonge Street Spectacle brings you the David Yurman collection.

Branching out from jewellery, David Yurman has found a way to create an eyewear line that is functional, while maintaining his signature, feminine jewellery style. With precious gems and Yurman’s iconic cable design - in gold or silver - woven into his eyewear collection, David Yurman has created a perfect accessory to add classic glamour to any occasion.

Albion : Black Onyx inspired acetate with sterling silver accents and cushion cut onyx stone.

Waverly: Obsidian inspired acetate with sterling silver cable design temple.

Spectacle and Tanja love David Yurman!