Friday, August 27

SPECTACLE can never get enough of PERSOL!

Check out the NEW lineup of Persol beauties! Availaible at all Spectacle locations!

Persol explains their frames as being more than just glasses, but a work of art. Persol is a company that is committed to making the best possible products. They excel in comfort,and lens quality, using materials like meflecto, and of course, their signature design, the arrow.

Comfort being the main focus, they provide up to 4 different sizes in many of their models. This is done all in the name of making sure every frame is made to fit as comfortable as possible to every face and head shape. Persol also masters in their lenses- use the highest quality crystal with a 1.8 polarized lens to protect and support the eyes of the wearer. Every lens is crafted carefully by hand with every frame to assure durability and longevity.

The Meflecto in the Persol frame is known as the world's first flexible stem system and was designed for maximum comfort. The use of the meflecto eliminates pressure to the head from the arms of the glasses which allows for adaption to any head and face shape. As for the signature arrow on every sunglass, it signifies the symbol of Persol which was inspired by the sword of the Ancient Warriors. The arrow is what makes Persol so recognizable and sharp looking!
Well, well, well, look who we have here... Spectacle's very own, Darren Pelcz is looking quite stunning in the classic Persol 649 frame. Oh, and if you look beside him on the right, we have a few of our NEW Persol frames peaking through! Come on by at our Queen St. West location to view the new collection!
Anddddd.... Look who we found, Mr. Steve McQueen loves sporting his favourite Persol 649 frame on and off the scenes. Legend has it those famous blue lenses were a custom job by a California optician who befriends Steve.

The 649 frame is truly a classic. Its retro and timeless styling is uniquely distinct from all the “look a like” sunglasses made today.

A definite head turner, and a piece that has a place in all sunglass collections, its easy to see why Spectacle Loves Persol.