Friday, August 6

Spectacle LOVES the NEW Retro Super Future frames!

Retro Super Future- FLAT TOPS
Super Flat Top is a clean, simple, and an essential frame with a modern design twist on a classic look. Super Flat Tops are made with high quality materials that are handmade in Italy sunglasses, featuring Zeiss lenses.

Matte Black
Sand Leather
Dark Brown Leather
Black Leather

Retro Super Future- LUCIA
Super Lucia frames are designed specifically for women and are characterized by an extremely thin and petite frame that boasts an extremely strong design with a Giotto-esque round lens.


Retro Super Future- Metal & Acetate
One of the main themes that Retro Super Future decided to do, is to exploit and introduce their new AW 2010/2011 collection which consists of combining materials, from metal and acetate. This style results in a fine, unique, and elegant piece of eyewear with a touch of youth and freshness.
Retro Super Future- Blonde Havana Matte frames
Super's new Blonde Havana is definitely one of their simplest yet characteristic components from their new collection. Havana is one of the biggest selling colours in the eyewear market- it has officially taken the place of the classic black frame! Havana is elegant, classy, fun, and easy to wear. Super did a twist on this piece and decided to give it more of a personal touch by making it matte.

Retro Super Future- PEOPLE COLORS (NEW)
Super's NEW People Color frames are created as a classical unisex piece of eyewear which can be worn satisfying for every need, mood, and occasion. They are simple yet unique and fun, and they are also distinct yet humble. Super's NEW People Color frames are a frame that wants to stand out from the masses, yet still stay very subtle in manner. Super carefully selected a handful of colours by combining them with a selection of classical tinted lenses and applying them to their new classic silhouettes. Wear these and make a statement!

You can check these SUPER frames out at our Queen Street West location!