Monday, August 23

Spectacle presents... Mosley Tribes- LYNDEL- Hand Beaded Edition!

The Mosley Tribes- Lyndel- Hand Beaded Edition is inspired by the elements of Native American arts and culture. With the use of the vibrant coloured ceramic beads, the patterns shown are duplicated from the patterns of the Native American hand woven blankets.

The temples of the frames are individually hand laid by Jenny Dayco, who is an agent of talent. She is self taught in the art of jewelry designing and works instinctively from her mind and passion while her hands creatively produced every single piece.

"I just love making things that are insane and fantastic, pushing my own understanding of beauty and adornment on the body... I love creating pieces that make people feel confident and bring them joy!" says, Dayco.

The Mosley Tribes- Lyndel- Beaded edition is produced in extreme limited quantities and are available exclusively on order at Spectacle because we love you!