Monday, September 27

Lesson's About Your Spectacle Prescription

Lesson's about your spectacle prescription and what all those numbers mean, courtesy of Transitions.

Sunday, September 26

SPECTACLE loves the NEW JackOne and Wacks, from the Oliver Peoples RS11 collection!

Since we are always ahead of the curve Spectacle is all over these two new styles, the JackOne and Wacks, from the RS11 collection from Oliver Peoples.(Can you believe we are looking at stuff for 2011 already??)

The JackOne From Oliver Peoples

The JackOne frame is inspired by a frame worn by Neil Diamond, who happens to be Daniel from Spectacle's personal hero so this frame really its home. It features an edgy shaped lens which is suitable for the fashion-forward wearers. Made with a double-bridge metal sunglass, the retro design includes acetate temple tips and vintage pearl-colored and/or crystal clamp-on nose-pads. This frame is available in mineral glass and VFX Photochromic glass lens options as well.

The Wacks From Oliver Peoples

Wacks is a feminine design inspired by the masculine styles worn by Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison (another Spectacle shop hero). Handcrafted of polished beveled acetate, this retro optical frame features dual plaques on the frame front and substantial temples. Includes the Oliver Peoples logo plaque laminated at the temple end.

Stay tuned to this blog and our new Twitter account, for news on the arrival of these frames.

Thursday, September 23

Lancier by Dita Eyewear - Temple Release Technology

Spectacle has been loving Lancier since we first got a sneak peak at them last year.

Its nice for us to see people raising the bar within the eyewear world and these sleek and sexy frame sure do that, they also turn a couple of heads.

Check out the video below as it explains the patented "Temple Release" Technology that comes with every pair of Lanciers.

Now check out this uber hot commercial featuring some of the newest Dita styles and the Dita sponsored racing team.

Remember Dita, The Dita Vavoom Series and Lancier by Dita are all available at your friendly local Spectacle, because Spectacle Loves You

Lesson's From Alain Mikli

Alain Mikli walks us through the design process for Philip Starck's eyewear collection. You'll note a few craftsmen carving aluminum by hand and Mikli discussing the introduction of the Starck designed "Bio-Hinge."


Sunday, September 19

Spectacle Loves Transitions

Transitions and their fantastic rep Maryam stopped by Spectacle Queen St for an info session recently and dropped a ton of knowledge on the Spec Crew.

Seems that besides sponsoring their own golf tournament transitions is also working tirelessly to improve their already amazing product. The new Transitions 6 coating is the best one yet. It goes as dark as your standard sunglass lens and back to crystal clear in a matter of minutes.

Just ask celebrities like Law and Orders Richard Belzer and recent tennis phenom Janko Tipsarevic

The Spectacle staff ate up these tidbits of information just like the delicious Pizzaiolo we ordered for our dinner break.

If you want to find out more about Transitions or Drive Wear Click Here or stop by your nearest Spectacle location and chat with our friendly staff, we're always happy to talk to you

Thanks to Maryam and Transitions, Spectacle Loves You

TIFF 2010 - Josh Brolin with Spectacle's Jag Dhillon

During a night where David Blaine had A-listers Woody Harrelson, Josh Brolin and Josh Hartnett in hysterics with a signature magic trick the real festivities continued when Jag and Josh Brolin hung out in a Yorkville hotel.

Naturally a very late night with conversations and shenanigans ensued.

Camera man's excuse on this one....Apple needs to work on the I phone camera (I think the problem is with the user).

"Thanks to Josh, for being a great host and for a memorable night."...Jag

Tuesday, September 14

Thank You Toronto Life Magazine

The fine folks at Toronto Life have issued their "Best of" shopping guide and wouldn't you know it, Spectacle's Distillery District location is pictured on the cover of the issue.

Not only are we on the cover, Toronto Life incorporated Spectacle's favourite colour, orange onto the cover.

Thank you Toronto Life for the awesome shot and remember...Spectacle Loves You!!!

Saturday, September 11

Spectacle Loves Vintage Celeb Pics

Usually we spend so much time on our blog and in the Spectacle boutiques that we don't get to check out other people in the industry that much.

However, we always make time to check out Jag's friends over at Silver Lining Vintage. These close pals of Spectacle also have a great blog currently featuring these hilarious pics of celebrities back in the day.


George Clooney

Charlize Theron.

Since they fit in with the whole back to school flavor going on at Spectacle Yonge and the TIFF crowd breezing through Spectacle's Queen St and Distillery District locations we decided to share these pics as well.

After all if you can't laugh at international award winning celebrities then who can you laugh at ?

Thanks again Silver Lining, Spectacle Loves You.

If He Only Knew Loves Spectacle

Men's blog If He Only Knew recently asked Spectacle's head stylist Darren for some advice on fall style for men.

Always willing to help out and to get his name in the press, Darren came through with some solid recommendations for looking good as the leafs change.

Thanks to Laura Schober for conceptualizing and writing this piece, Spectacle Loves You.

To read the whole article click Here

Below you will find more top pics for you, our blogger buddies.

Oliver Peoples Barrie

Dita Senator

IC Berlin Franjo P

Friday, September 10

Buy It Now - Vintage Balenciaga's

Spectacle is spreading the love again.

Check out this gorgeous pair of Balenciaga's from our exclusive vintage collection.

Now they can be yours as we put them up for sale on the blog.

You may remember way back when these beauties were featured in Plaid magazine, if not click HERE to check it out.

Straight from the magazine to your face for only $250 plus $25 shipping

What are you waiting for, hit the buy now button below!

Magnum T.I. Discovers the Connolly!

The secret to a great comedy skit is in the eyewear. You'll notice the shades "Magnum T.I." is wearing are none other than Spectacle's Oliver People collaboration Connolly sunglass.

The signature sunglass comes in a matte-gold finish with gradient brown lenses. These lenses are perfect for the Hawaiian coast and offer a subtle balance to Magnum's moustache. Tom Selleck would be proud!

Check out the skit above, then hurry down to your local Spectacle shop where we still have some Connollys available, because Spectacle Loves You!

Wednesday, September 8

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It's back to school for the little guys and gals and Spectacle, the keeners we are, has always championed the three R's: Reading, Writing, and Really great looking Specs!

That's why we're highlighting our Back to School Special at Yonge Street with
10% off for kids 19 years and younger when they buy both frame and lenses.

And for those brave souls heading off to college and university, show your student I.D. and get the same 10% off with purchase of both frame and lenses.

Take on the new school year seeing and looking your best!

Stop in at Spectacle on Yonge Street, north of Fairlawn Avenue to take advantage of our incredible selection including kids frames by Oliver Peoples, Ogi, I.C. Berlin and many more.

Spectacle Loves this time of year!

Tuesday, September 7

Lesson's from Larry Leight

Oliver Peoples Co-Founder, Creative Director & friend of Spectacle talks about the history of Oliver Peoples.

Oliver Peoples History from Oliver Peoples on Vimeo.