Sunday, September 19

Spectacle Loves Transitions

Transitions and their fantastic rep Maryam stopped by Spectacle Queen St for an info session recently and dropped a ton of knowledge on the Spec Crew.

Seems that besides sponsoring their own golf tournament transitions is also working tirelessly to improve their already amazing product. The new Transitions 6 coating is the best one yet. It goes as dark as your standard sunglass lens and back to crystal clear in a matter of minutes.

Just ask celebrities like Law and Orders Richard Belzer and recent tennis phenom Janko Tipsarevic

The Spectacle staff ate up these tidbits of information just like the delicious Pizzaiolo we ordered for our dinner break.

If you want to find out more about Transitions or Drive Wear Click Here or stop by your nearest Spectacle location and chat with our friendly staff, we're always happy to talk to you

Thanks to Maryam and Transitions, Spectacle Loves You