Friday, October 22

IC! Berlin Spring/Summer 2011 Now At Spectacle!!!

Spectacle's love affair with IC! Berlin is well documented. They are after all one of two frame companies to pony up with us for a collaboration frame, so you know we think they are on point with all they do.

It came as no surprise to us that when we opened up the box of new 2011 sunglass designs that our hearts skipped a little beat, they are freaking awesome.

Styles so bright they shine.

As with all IC!Berlin collections these come shrouded in mystery. Names for the frames include Big Bang, Pair Annihilation and Wavefunction, the Arabic writing from the previous season seems to still be on the temples as well as some diagrams that were added this year. Stay tuned to the blog as soon as we get any info on what this all means we will let you know.

In the meantime Darren and Kelly(our bestest female optician)took some time away from solving the worlds eye care issues to model the Dark Energy frame in the famous Spectacle lab.

New Ic!Berlins are showing up daily at all three of our shops, stop by and check em out before they are gone.