Monday, November 29

Lesson's About Spectacle Common Lens Materials

Choosing the appropriate lens and/or lens material for your particular eyewear can be a challenging decision for many people. However our Opticians do this numerous times throughout the day for each and everyone of our clients. Our Opticians recommendations are based on a few key factors including any work requirements, lifestyle needs & safety concerns that their clients may require.

This video, courtesy of our friends at Transitions, explains some of the various lens materials and there benefits to the wearer.

Thursday, November 25

Cutomer Profile: Matt Barnes ESQ

Matt Barnes is the man responsible for some of the freshest and most innovative photography in not only Toronto but the whole dang world. Check out his website for yourself, just a little warning its more Rated R then PG13.

Through his pulling for photo shoots like the one below featuring Stephen James Hendry and shopping for himself (the man has a serious Cutler and Gross addiction) we have developed quite the nice little friendship.

Obviously the next step in this relationship was to do a customer profile on our good buddy. Matt was even nice enough to provide us with his own bio, here's what he has to say for himself
My name is Matt Barnes and I'm a Toronto-based photographer. I have big feet, a big smile and a big heart.
My current interests include World War II navy uniforms, John Wayne movies, confident women, expensive shoes,
Italian switchblades, sailor tattoos and songs about trains. I love my wife Shelley, my family and friends.
I have been shooting professionally for the past 5 years.
I do a wide-range of work and my clients include top ad agencies, international publications and famous faces.
I work with a really tight team. We work very hard and we love what we do. We are very hands on and always strive to do our best.
My producer Tara is the backbone of what we do. She keeps everything organized and running smooth, and if I want a 30-foot-tall inflatable gorilla, she finds me one.
My assistant Spenser does the dirty work. He keeps the studio looking smart, helps with pre-production and is my first full-time photo assistant.
We also work with a tight-knit group of freelance professionals to make sure we give our clients the best possible final product.
If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch.

Matt Barnes

Thanks for being a friend Matt, Spectacle Loves You!!!

Tuesday, November 23

More Ic! Berlin Secrets Revealed.......

Remember about a month ago when we first got our hands on this seasons IC!Berlins and were both baffled by the beauty of the models and confused by the ideas behind it.

Well, this month Matthew our knowledgeable and handsome IC!Berlin rep was in town to show off whats new and filled us in on what we were missing. Hang tight as we relay the info to you....

Turns out Ralph, IC!Berlins energetic and enigmatic founder has a sister who is a physicist hence the quantum physics terms used to name the frames.

Also they have added a few pieces named after some world famous super models, Kate M and Claudia S are new additions to the IC!B family.

The metals portion of this years line are slightly more feminine by design, seems the design team was a lil too focused on the mens side of things in years past. The plastics from this year have more of a retro feel as they have added some solid to clear fades and matted grays to the colorways.

Overall the team here at Spectacle is pretty solidly behind what those crazy Germans are cooking up, and with product that looks good and makes you look better who can blame us.

The new Ic!Berlin collection is rolling into all three Spectacle locations as we speak so hurry to your closest one and try some on.

Thanks for the greatness IC Berlin, Spectacle Loves You.

Friday, November 19

Spectacle Feels The Love All Night Long

Spectacle`s El Presidante, Jag Dhillon was out and about last night at his usual hot spots and hip hang outs and look who he ran into...

Mr Lionel Ritchie, seems great and fashionable minds have a way of finding each other and saying hello

Lionel was digging on Jag`s Dita Statesman, which is one of our city`s most beloved frames. Jag in turn was down with Lionel`s indoor tinted lenses. These types of fashion tints are all the rage in Hollywood now a days, being worn by the likes of Andy Garcia and Robery Downey Junior

Lionel got bit by the Spectacle bug pretty hard and just may end up stopping by in the near future to snag a pair of those Statesman for himself, stay tuned to the blog for an update on that situation and remember Spectacle Loves You and your indoor tints no matter if you are a world famous recording artist or not.

Thursday, November 18

Show Spectacle Some Love!!!!!!!!!!!

Spectacle and our Spectacle Loves You blog need your help!

Seems we got nominated at as one of the best men's eyewear blogs for 2010.

We are blushing with pride (and thanking God they don't take spelling and grammar into account when giving these awards out, hahaha)

This is a peoples choice award so if you could take the time to click
here and place a vote or two for us, your favorite blog well then Spectacle may just love you a little more.

Thanks in advance, the Spectacle family.

Tuesday, November 16

Lesson's About Spectacle Lens Treatments

A quick lesson on the various spectacle lens treatments and their uses, courtesy of our friends at Transitions.

Monday, November 15

Spectacle Loves Paul Smith!!!

Some of the Spring Summer 2011Paul Smith sunnies have started to roll in to the three Spectacle locations across the city.

Two of our fantastic stylists, Kira and Tina took it upon themselves to model their fave's from Sir Smith's newest batch of amazing take a look................

Pictured on the lovely ladies above is the PS-3010 which is an older model but got updated with a new color way including faux snake skin on the brow, ohhhh yeah.

Also featured is the Paul Smith Romiley, which is making its debut this year and also looks very good as a regular ophthalmic frame (that means normal clear lens glasses not shades for those out there not up on their optical talk)

is proud to continue our great relationship with Paul Smith and his creations, so make sure you continue to visit us and try some on.

Sunday, November 14

Customer Profile: Jessica Biffi

Project Runway Canada Finalist Jessica Biffi popped in to Spectacle recently to find a new pair of eyewear.

She ended up going with a pretty awesome choice, the Dita Grandmaster II in Crystal.

Clear or crystal frames show up in a lot of the collections we house at Spectacle in different shapes and sizes but these particular frames just seem to kick a little more butt then the rest.

Check out Jessica rocking her new frames.................

Just in case you are unfamiliar with her designs here is an example of her work from a runway show

And for your viewing pleasure we have some more examples of crystal frames just in case you're feeling very transparent.

Alain Mikli's 0492

Oliver Peoples Sheldrake

Moscot Nebb

Come on by your nearest Spectacle anytime to try on these clear beauties or any of the other multitude of frames we have in a rainbow of colors.

Saturday, November 13

Hello Magazine Loves Spectacle

Our international press take over continues,

This time Hello Magazine a giant of the British media, and recent addition to Canada's glossy mag scene has come to us for a little help on selecting the cream of the crop of cats eyed frames for a feature in their October issue.

Since we are always thinking outside the box we actually provided them with a couple of sunglasses turned eyeglasses because that is just the type of creative cats we are.

Pictured above are the Oliver Goldsmith Sophia and Alexander Wang's infamous AW01 produced through Linda Farrow

Spectacle will continue to come up with new ideas and exclusive eyewear for as long as we can, because Spectacle Loves You

Tuesday, November 9

Photos from Spectacle X Gotstyle "Red Light Affair"

Here are some photos(courtesy of BlogTO)from Gotstyle Menswear's"Red Light Affair" at the Amsterdam Brewery which we provided some excellent Cutler and Gross eyewear for and attended a few weeks ago, check it out....

Here is a Spectacle classic, a C&G 0772 in GB. This beauty looks great on everyone boys and girls!!

The 0974 comes in some great colors, the blue pictured on the gentleman above and the grey horn pictured below are just two of them.

C&G is know for being at the forefront of what they do but not veering to far from what brought them to the dance, the 0690 is a great example of that it is thick and very retro inspired but with a modern cut that translates to today's fashions

The complete Cutler and Gross Spring/Summer 2011 collection plus our all time Spectacle favorites are on display through out all of our Spectacle locations, conveniently located through out Toronto, because Spectacle Loves You!

Monday, November 8

Kenny Moscot R.I.P.

The Spectacle Family sends its thoughts and prayers out to the Moscot family in this time of need, here is what the New York Newspapers had to say about this wonderful guy

It is with a heavy heart that we must convey the devastating news to you that Kenny Moscot passed away the morning of Friday, November 5th, shortly after 10am. Kenny was truly an inspiration. He was a leader and a visionary in the eyewear industry, a father, a brother, a son, and our friend. Quite simply, Kenny was a remarkable human being who was loved - genuinely loved - and admired by everyone who was ever fortunate to have known him. To say he will be sorely missed does not begin to do justice to the hole he will leave in so many of our lives.

A service for Kenny was be held this Sunday, November 7th at 12:00pm.

Sunday, November 7

Spectacle Loves Sunday

Maybe it is because we all gained an extra hour of sleep last night or maybe we are all still basking in the afterglow of yet another peoples choice award, but for some reason the Spectacle Queen St staff really stepped it up this morning.

Here we have Al and Kira showing up bright and early in their sweet sweet ride, even the lovely lady in the passenger seat is loving it.

Once we got in to good old 752 Queen St West it was time to keep the celebration going, so naturally we popped some bottles.

And since the best party is one that everyone enjoys, we took that bubbly and made a batch of patented "Spectacle Sunday Morning Mimosas" to enhance our clients shopping experience.

If you are in the neighborhood today(or any day) stop by for a fun and relaxing time with the Spectacle staff and a couple thousand of the best eye and sunglass frames you will see anywhere.

Not planning a trip to Queen West any time soon? No worries, remember we have three locations in the city because Spectacle Loves You.

Friday, November 5

The People Love Spectacle

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, to the people of Toronto for voting us the "Best Optical Store" in Now Magazines annual poll 2 years running!

It is our pleasure to keep providing you the top of line service that we have become known for year in and year out.

Here is what Now had to say about our little Optical Shop that could....
Best of Toronto – Readers' Pick

Best Optical Store/Shopping/Spectacle

752 Queen West, 416-603-0123, and others,

Spectacle serves Mimosas on Sundays. The rest of the week, you can get drunk off its chic selection of sunnies and eyewear from names like Cutler & Gross, Oliver Peoples, Moscot and Mosley Tribes. Its two niches in Toronto’s rich optical scene are vintage or vintage-inspired frames and high-tech options that are lightweight and finely detailed
Best of Toronto – Readers' Pick

Another one for the wall coming soon.............................

Remember that with three locations in the city, an unparalleled staff of stylish stylists and knowledgeable opticians Spectacle is the reigning peoples champ for a reason,

Wednesday, November 3

Maison Martin Margiela Launch Party

Maison Martin Margiela exclusive release party, Paris, France.

Showcasing the Limited selection release in collaboration with Cutler and Gross.

Some of the biggest players in the Eyewear industry in attendence.

Also showcasing some of the clothing designs from the house of Maison Martin Margelia

One of the secret desingers? Child prodigy? ..... all we can say is she's cute!

The collection is comprised of 6 styles and 2 colours of each, watch for it here soon, as we are the only shop in Canada to have this exclusive release.

Spectacle's commitment to bringing you the latest from designers around the world continues!

Tuesday, November 2

Cazal Loves The Vintage Frames Company

Our boy Corey is at it again.

This time teaming up with the legends at Cazal to create his very own 951 a model that Spectacle being the astute shade connoisseurs that we are also love very much.

Here is the press release explaining the whos and whats of this collabo...

Vintage Frames Company X CAZAL 951 Mod Col 330.

-The Vintage Frames Company has had the pleasure of co-branding and bringing back to life an exclusive amount of the infamous 951Mod Col 330 CAZAL red-framed sunglasses-

Montreal, QC (September, 2010) – With four years of proven success, the Vintage Frames Company has established themselves in the glasses, fashion and music world as a leader and pioneer of the vintage frames industry. It is with great pride that the Vintage Frames Company has collaborated with such a highly respected and iconic eyewear enterprise like CAZAL.

It was in the early 80’s when CAZAL’s top model was put on the market. The 951 Mod Col 330 is the reason why CAZAL was able to reach monumental heights in the sunglass community and beyond. What originated in Germany quickly made its way into the North American urban world and became THE sunglass of hip-hop artists in the US. Since they were a hot commodity, it became a problem when people started to “snatch” them, which lead to rap group, The CAZAL Boys and other artists like Jazzy Jeff, to create a song called “Snatchin’ CAZALS”. This was a phenomenon that nobody could have predicted and shocked everyone including internationally renowned eyewear designer and creator Cari Zalloni.

Fashion addicts of the world can rejoice and relish in the return on the 951 CAZAL. The legend is back and can once again be the most wanted pair of sunglasses to grace the faces of today’s fashion elite. In the words of CAZAL, “The 951 was designed and created for the hottest places on the planet- in a worldwide limited edition. Eyewear doesn’t come any more exclusive than this”.

With only fifty pairs of these sought-after frames, Vintage Frames Company is once again proving why they are the number one purveyor in the Vintage eyewear industry. CAZAL has exclusively co-branded with the Vintage Frames Company to bring back to the fashionistas of the world this beautifully crafted frame. The versatility and luxury of this model is what made this sunglass into such an iconic piece of eyewear. The Vintage Frames Company recognized its historical importance to the music and fashion world and made it a priority to bring it back to life.

Please contact us at if you want to order a pair of these beauties to Spectacle, because we love you, that's why!

Monday, November 1

Spectacle Loves Times Profile Shop!!!

Spectacles best friend store has got to be Dutil Denim in Vancouver, besides the awesome relationship between their owners and ours we mutually dig and respect what each other does.

We were as proud as a brother would be when we saw this article about their "Times Profile Shop" in Marketing Magazine.

The long and short of what these guys are trying to do is create a constantly rotating permanent shop displaying brands that are at the fore front of what they do, certainly a uniquely innovative and creative idea in the retail world if we do say so ourselves. If you are planning a trip out west anytime soon make sure to check it out!!

Another Spectacle tie in to this whole thing is that the cover boy for this particular issue of Marketing Magazine was none other then Toronto's own best dressed man Richard Lambert, one of our most favorite customers and the owner of some kick ass black and gold Dita Statesman's (which we provided of course!)

No matter where you are and what news you make, remember Spectacle is there to love you all the way.