Tuesday, November 23

More Ic! Berlin Secrets Revealed.......

Remember about a month ago when we first got our hands on this seasons IC!Berlins and were both baffled by the beauty of the models and confused by the ideas behind it.

Well, this month Matthew our knowledgeable and handsome IC!Berlin rep was in town to show off whats new and filled us in on what we were missing. Hang tight as we relay the info to you....

Turns out Ralph, IC!Berlins energetic and enigmatic founder has a sister who is a physicist hence the quantum physics terms used to name the frames.

Also they have added a few pieces named after some world famous super models, Kate M and Claudia S are new additions to the IC!B family.

The metals portion of this years line are slightly more feminine by design, seems the design team was a lil too focused on the mens side of things in years past. The plastics from this year have more of a retro feel as they have added some solid to clear fades and matted grays to the colorways.

Overall the team here at Spectacle is pretty solidly behind what those crazy Germans are cooking up, and with product that looks good and makes you look better who can blame us.

The new Ic!Berlin collection is rolling into all three Spectacle locations as we speak so hurry to your closest one and try some on.

Thanks for the greatness IC Berlin, Spectacle Loves You.